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  • 07/26/2011

    Reviewer is Accepted here and planning to attend soon. Reviewer has been to campus.

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    Great for these types of students

    Hardworking and quirky artistic students will enjoy this school. There is a large nature preserve on the campus and a beautiful athletic center. I believe that all types of studious individuals will appreciate what Kenyon has to offer.

    Tips for prospective students

    Keep your ACT scores high. Take as many AP classes as your school offers. If you do take classes at a community college to earn credit, they will not transfer. I made this mistake and wasted two years on college classes only to have them not transfer. This school is small and rural but busy and full of community. Be prepared to be away from the big city life.

    Bang for the buck

    This school is on the high end, but it is well worth it. The financial aid office gives incredible grants and scholarships to many of their students. Don't knock off a more expensive school until you see what money they are willing to give you. They may give you more than the state schools.

    Will enjoy being here

    When I stepped on the campus I fell in love. It seems as if you're stepping into a completely different world. The people were helpful and the atmosphere was overwhelmingly pleasant. There are plenty of clubs, events, and musical concerts that come through every weekend.

    Will learn a lot

    It has one of the top programs in English in the country. Kenyon is truly a prestigious liberal arts college.

  • 07/07/2012

    Reviewer is A past student here.

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    Campus Safety

    You'll love these guys. Really. They take good care of you.

    Clubs and Activities

    Favorite club was the Ballroom Dance Club. One of my Best decisions at Kenyon. Also, the Christian organizations recently merged into one super group known as BE: Very friendly people and the campus ministers are great.

    Bang for the buck

    You can take as many classes as you want and do as many things as you want to do. You get out what you put into it.

    What to do for fun

    Join clubs and organizations, hang out, go to acapella concerts, theater productions, guest lectures, and sports games. Their are many events and parties planned throughout the year as well.

    Food and Dining

    I liked the food a lot. However, I am not a picky eater. The dining hall focuses on local foods and the holiday set ups melt your heart. They are also starting to get more food options after midnight. Not many places are open after midnight.

    Dorm Life

    Not the best dorms. The majority of them are small, but I think they are comfortable.

    Academic Rigor

    The classes presented a challenge to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. They do not just give you knowledge, rather they teach you how to think.

    Tips for prospective students

    Applying early decision is a great idea. Do not be intimidated by the course material and don't be afraid to go to the professor's office hours. The professor's are really friendly and willing to help.

    In three sentences

    The college creates a community atmosphere that is inviting to everyone. The courses are tough, but you do not take them alone and there is no sense of competition between students. Also, one of the most beautiful campuses in world.