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  • 01/03/2012

    Reviewer is Accepted here and planning to attend soon. Reviewer has been to campus.

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    Great for these types of students

    This is the best choice options. It's costly, but you get the information you need and the right tools to succeed in life. If you pay attention and but yourself first you'll be on the right track. Why pay a different school the same amount of money and it take twice as long or longer. This school is the way to go. You get in, you learn what you have to and you get on the job training and you'll be working in no time.

    Tips for prospective students

    I'm currently just starting school, but if I was to tell future students something it would be to study and take notes. If you need help you should talk to you instructor before/after class. Sign up for tutoring if you think you need extra help or if your not passing with a grade that is appropriate. Don't do anything half assed. Something worth doing is worth doing well.

    Bang for the buck

    I've never spent this much money on schooling but every bit of it is worth it. Your career is what's going to get you ahead in life. Not sitting on the couch at home or some lame part time job. So, paying for the proper schooling and training is the best way to go. I believe I made the best choice for myself and for my family. I'm 28 and I took out my first loan ever to go back to school and to better myself.

    Will enjoy being here

    The campus was very clean when I was looking around. The classroom sizes were perfect (25 people). So, I wont feel over crowed and uncomfortable. Parking was well lit and in a secure area. I believe that I will enjoy going to school at EUI and they even have a study area so I can spend my study time at the same place and not have to worry about being bothered or wasting gas to go to another location. I'm a neat freak and I'm very prompt. Evey body at this campus looks very professional and neat and tidy.

    Will learn a lot

    I plan on learning a lot of information. I'm dedicated and I'm going to use my brain like a sponge. I've heard nothing, but good things about the Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. It's something that I'm interested in and that I believe that I can accelerate in. Whit the right tools and teachers I will be able to have the career that I want.

  • 04/24/2012

    Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    The criminal justice class conducts fire drills to help them be leaders and they solve crime scenes for a month which gives them a little overview of what they are interested in.

    What to do for fun

    Enjoy the feeling of almost reaching your goal.

    Tips for prospective students

    Be ready to learn a lot about the field you are interested in and be ready to feel as if you are already working in the field.

    In three sentences

    UEI College is a great experience. It helps us train and learn about the field we will be attending in the future. It expands our knowledge and it educates us well.