There’s no denying it: the process of going to college is complicated. Which school is right for you? What are your chances of getting in? Which majors should you consider? How will you pay for it all? There’s an obstacle course of information, deadlines and roadblocks standing between you and your first day on campus. We think it should be easier. That’s why we built Cappex - to carve a path right through the complexity of college admissions to get you to your first day at the college that’s right for you. This is the platform all of us at Cappex wish existed during our own college searches.

Future accountants, scientists and engineers. Filmmakers, teachers and entrepreneurs. First-generation students and fourth. We believe there is a perfect college and career path for every single student. That’s why we get to know you first, then tailor a specific path for your needs through the college search, application, decision, and finance process.


  • We are a team of 60+ college graduates, with diverse backgrounds and educational experiences. But we are driven by one mission – to help you get to day one at the college that's best for you.


  • We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago, but our employees are from all over the country (and even the world).


  • Cappex was started in 2006 with the same passion we hold today – to make sure every student has the  guidance, information, and tools to obtain their best possible education.


  • Cappex originates from the phrase “College Application Exchange.”


  • We started and currently run College Greenlight – the nation’s leading resource in providing a college path for first-generation and underrepresented students.
  • In 2019, Cappex launched Cappex Admissions Advising, a service that provides direct guidance to students as they shape their college application narratives.


  • Cappex is led by a robust executive team that brings to the table decades of experience across higher education and technology. With this extensive knowledge, Cappex is able to constantly innovate and keep up with the changing world of college admissions. Meet the senior leadership team here.


A Custom Path for Every Student

By partnering with college admissions departments across the country we provide you with access to the inside track. We help you create the best college list by surfacing new schools that are interested in you and getting you on the radar of your top choices. We dig into the details and provide you with tools to determine your major, calculate your admissions chances, fine-tune your applications, and even arrange college visits. And, because figuring out how to pay for it is often the hardest part, we match you with scholarships and give you detailed financial aid information to find the best combination of funding available to you.

We Exist to Empower YOU

You have big plans and you’ve worked hard to get this far. We are here to help you maximize the impact of your accomplishments by clearing a path to the college that will enable you to make your biggest impact on the world. Your first day of college is our business.