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How to Maximize Study Efforts

How to Maximize Study Efforts

Optimizing your study strategies can save hours of precious time. Studying efficiently will alleviate stress and leave you with more free time. Here are some ways to maximize your study efforts.

Set Small Goals

Before starting a study session, write down a few goals you want to complete. These could range from finishing a chapter to completing a practice exam.

Setting realistic goals keeps you engaged and makes you feel accomplished when you stick to your plan. Taking breaks after accomplishing a goal can act as a healthy incentive and break up long periods of studying.

Bring Snacks

Whether you plan on using food as an incentive, brief distraction or to avoid a rumbling stomach, having a snack or two with you can be the difference between leaving the library early or sticking around long enough to review necessary material.

Pack snacks low on sugar and without caffeine. Encountering an unexpected buzz might throw off your concentration and waste precious time. But don’t be afraid to treat yourself, some trail mix or a little chocolate can spice up a mundane evening.

Find the Spot That Suits You

Spend some time scouting for a spot that works best for the way you study. Consider noise levels, the view, free space, proximity to food and possible distractions. Having a designated place to study puts you in a focused mindset and makes your study sessions more efficient.

Keep your studying away from the areas you socialize. Mixing the two makes for boring time with friends and ineffective studying, so don’t be afraid to isolate yourself if you have a big test coming up.

Use Your Peers

Even if you’re an introvert, your friends can help you prepare for exams through quizzes, review sessions or peer reviews. If you have a friend who’s already done well in a course you’re taking, ask for study materials like notes or a practice exam. Organize group study sessions to capitalize on everyone’s study strengths.

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