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What is Rolling Admissions?

What is Rolling Admissions?


Colleges and universities with rolling admissions evaluate applications as they are received, instead of using a single admissions deadline. These institutions take applications until they fill their freshman class.

Rolling admissions are beneficial for students who don’t want to be pressed against a hard deadline, said Stephen Lazowski, vice president for enrollment at Thiel College, which has rolling admissions. The practice also is beneficial if a student didn’t land a spot at their top-choice college or didn’t receive enough financial aid at a college where they were accepted.

“If students don’t get all the aid they need for school, it can help them in their search,” Lazowski said.

The best time to apply to a rolling admissions school is in the fall or winter, as more institutional funding will be available for student financial aid. Lazowski said students who apply before February 15 typically are eligible for this funding.

If a student applies to a college with rolling admissions, a campus visit also is a good idea, Lazowski said. It shows admissions counselors that a student is serious about attending that school and sets them apart from other applicants.

“The more interest you show in the school, the more likely you are to get in,” he said. “Schools are going to take chances on students who come to visit.”

Students with grade point averages of 2.75 and higher typically are viewed as serious applicants at rolling admission colleges, Lazowski said. When applying to rolling admissions colleges, it is important to note your accomplishments. This is the time to show who you are beyond test scores, he said.

“Most schools now are looking beyond test scores,” he said, adding that many colleges like Thiel are becoming test optional. “Everything you do in school counts and everything you do outside of school counts, too.”

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