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Why You Need a Better Relationship With Your Counselor

Why You Need a Better Relationship With Your Counselor

Have you met with your school counselor yet this year? So you can prep ahead, here are the best reasons for developing a good relationship with your counselor.

Scholarship Opportunities

Even freshmen can start applying for college scholarships. Your counselor may know about local or school-sponsored scholarships you can start looking into right now. Remember, getting some money for school now means less work (and fewer loans!) later on.

The Right Classes

The better your counselor knows you, the more effectively they will recommend what classes you should take next year. So get into that counseling office and start chatting! If your counselor has no idea you love history and struggle in science, you could find yourself with a schedule that doesn’t interest you.

New Programs and Clubs

By now you’ve probably noticed there’s always something going on at your high school! Typically, counselors are some of the first people to find out about new clubs, teams or organizations. So if you’re thinking about getting involved, the guidance office is a great place to start.

A Neutral Party

Need to vent about a frustrating situation? That’s part of your counselor’s job. Sometimes it feels awkward to go to your counselor for help in a personal situation, especially if it’s personal, but trust us – they’ve seen it all.

Recommendation Letters

Letters of recommendation prove to the admissions department or scholarship committee that you're the best possible candidate. But you need to build a strong relationship with your counselor over your high school career before you can ask them to write a letter on your behalf. Stop by your counselor’s office and introduce yourself – you’ll be glad you did!

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