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20 Free Things to Do While on Lockdown

Image is of a computer with a video chat program up featuring dozens of faces. The computer is on a wooden table next to a blue ceramic mug.

There are a lot of people and publishers out there pushing out information about how to effectively learn or work from home. It’s been an abrupt change, and, ya know what, from what social media is telling us, many of us are crushing it. 

You should definitely dedicate an appropriate amount of time to getting together your college list and applying for scholarships and whatnot.

After that, though, there's plenty of leisure time and fun to be had, outside of Netflix Party and video chats, as fun as both of those things are.

For Those Who Love Museums and Art Galleries

    The image is of the Louvre museum with the iconic glass pyramid in front.
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  2. Tour the Louvre

    The world’s largest art museum has gone virtual! Yes, the Louvre Museum, popular in social media pics the world over, has exhibits you can explore online. Take a look at the Egyption Exhibit, the remains of the Louvre’s moat, or the Exhibition: Advent of an Artist. 

    The famous grand clock in the Musee de Orsay that oversees the entire museum.
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  4. Visit the Musee d'Orsay

    For more virtual tours of museums, the Musée d’Orsay has pictures of its inventory online, as well as a cool slideshow of how it came to be!

    An aerial view of the inside of the British Museum with a glass roof, information desks, and people milling about.
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  6. Museum of the World

    The British Museum created the Museum of the World, which is gamified and includes recorded informational snippets about each piece in their collection!

    A circular staircase in the Tate Britain, primarily in white, is show from a bird's eye view. Patrons walk about looking at the art pieces.
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  8. See the Tate Britain

    Tate Britain, the oldest art museum in the Tate network, houses a substantial collection of art from the Tudor times, as well as works of J.M. W. Turner.

    The Google logo on a square, white cookie.
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  10. Use Google

    If none of those tickle your fancy, Google’s Arts & Culture center offers so many more. Check them out!

For Fun With Family & Friends!

    A box for the card game Cards Against Humanity with a deck of cards in front of it on a table.
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  2. Family Card Game

    Play Cards Against Humanity (Family Edition). The makers of this game released a free, printable version of this beloved game, so grab your scissors and get to card cutting!

    Crayola chalk laying on cement amid a bunch of scribbles.
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  4. Virtual Pictionary

    An easy, fun way to play a game with friends, even while apart, is to use Create a private room, have your friends join, and test your drawing skills!

    A full moon in a dark, starless sky.
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  6. Save the Town!

    Our Client Services team here at Cappex has a special fondness for this next one: Werewolf. Gather some friends and save the town!

    A woman singing into a microphone facing bright pink lights.
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  8. Virtual Karaoke

    If you need a good laugh, Karaoke on AirConsole is here to provide just that. Use your smartphones as microphones and get to challenging your friends and family to sing their favorite tunes!

    A car game piece on a game board carrying two pink people and two blue people.
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  10. Tabletopia

    Want to play some board games? You’re in luck! Tabletopia has a bunch of virtual games, from card game classics to kickstarter games and more. Note that some games require a membership, but there are quite a few you can play for free!

For Those Wanting To Get Creative

    A landscape view of a river with tree-filled banks on each side and a mountain in the distance.
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  2. Paint!

    Paint with Bob Ross! Tons of episodes have been added for free on Youtube!

    On a wooden table, a woman paints leafy plants on white disks with green paint.
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  4. DIY Upcycling

    There is no better time to pick up a DIY hobby, like upcycling, which gives you ideas of what to create from stuff you’re no longer using, like empty bottles. Upcycle That is a great place to get some nifty ideas.

For Those Looking to Read Their Way Through Lockdown

    The image is of a rack filled with tons of magazines.
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  2. JSTOR

    If you’re interested in reading some previously unavailable articles, JSTOR increased the number of free articles you can read from 6 to 100 until June 30th! There’s so much to devour before then, so get to reading!

    A woman surveys shelves of books.
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  4. Many Books

    If you’re looking for a version of that JSTOR featuring fictional reading options, check out Many Books, which has more than 50,000 free ebooks!

For Those Needing Some Fun Ways to Workout

    A woman sitting with her legs crossed, doing yoga, stretching to the left.
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  2. Yoga with Adriene

    Exercising inside can feel impossible, but some Youtubers crush the can-do attitude, like Yoga with Adriene. She has a yoga routine for everything.

    A set of rubber weights and a resistance band lie on a wooden floor.
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  4. Tone It Up

    Tone It Up is another good option for working up a sweat while staying inside. Whether you want to do cardio, strength, or focus on a muscle group, Tone It Up has a workout for you. 

    A woman dancing in front of a yellow wall.
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  6. Blogilates

    No equipment necessary for Blogilates, making it a great workout for lockdown! Cassey Ho puts her workouts to pop music and they range from one song to 20+ minute workouts.

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