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Don't Be Invisible: An Ode To Juniors

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Junior year is, arguably, the most difficult year in high school. With the heavy course load, standardized testing, and college on the horizon, there’s a lot of pressure to be loud and show yourself off, all while doing your absolute best. 

Being stuck at home, now of all times, feels like being benched with an injury during the final championship games. It, undeniably, sucks. 

On top of fears about the spread of COVID-19, hoping your family and loved ones are safe, and finding things to distract you from all of that worry, you have to wonder how all of this time trapped inside is going to affect your college applications come autumn. 


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There’s no getting around the fact that things are going to be different for future college classes, but the two classes that are going to feel this most ardently are those heading to higher education institutions in 2020 and 2021. 

Just because it’s going to be different doesn’t mean it’s all terrible. At the risk of sounding like an unrelenting optimist who can find even the dimmest light in the darkest of times, some have found it helpful to see this as a good test of self-management skills and of adaptability, both of which will only help you as you progress through your education and into the workforce. 

Plus, you won’t have to spend too long determining what you’re going to write your personal statement about: the world pandemic of 2020 is going to be a compelling topic for years

That feeling of being invisible isn’t unjustified, though — many colleges use the SAT and ACT to determine interest and, with those tests being cancelled for the time being, many of them are pretty much running blind.

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That said, one quick and easy way to get on a college's radar is by doing research on colleges here on Cappex and adding them to your list. With your permission, we'll alert the college of your interest! That's all it takes to get within sight of the schools you're jonesing to get in. 

Take Care of Yourself

This pandemic has shaken up the entire world. Do your best in school, do all that you can, but remember that the most important thing right now is to take care of yourself. The college that’s right for you is going to be there after this is all over, and they’re going to be understanding — this has been a tremendous trial for everyone.

Also, know that while you may feel invisible right now, colleges are well aware of how this is impacting you. They’re changing their testing policies through 2021, they’re offering full-fledged virtual offerings to show you what their campuses are like, and they’re trying to find you — they’re just not sure quite how, yet. 

Find great colleges for you right here on Cappex, utilize our COVID-19 Student Resource Center to find virtual events, apply for scholarships, and don’t hesitate to reach out to admission representatives to become totally and 100% visible in the journey to higher education.


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