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Making the Most of Your Overnight Campus Visit

Making the Most of Your Overnight Campus Visit

If you're able to stay overnight at a campus you are interested in, that is a great opportunity to really imagine yourself living and studying there. Accordingly, take a look at the below suggestions to make the most of the opportunity. 

Research the School

If you’re interested in a specific department, program or extracurricular opportunity at a school, make a list of questions to ask admissions officers, professors and current students. If you researched properly, you’ll have an idea of what you want to get a better look at and you'll be able to manage your time efficiently.

Ask for an Unofficial Tour

Most students are excited to provide prospective students with information and insight into their undergraduate experience. Take advantage of their enthusiasm to ask for an unofficial tour of their favorite places on campus.

Whether they know of cool spots to socialize or study, ask them to show you places you wouldn't see on a traditional admissions tour. You might even get to see off-campus locations that are popular with students.

Go to a Class

If you are interested in a particular major or field, see if you can sit in on a class. You'll meet students studying what you’re interested in and get to experience what an actual class is like. You might get to meet a professor, too. 

Eat in the Dining Hall

Either with your host or on your own time, take a trip to the nearest dining hall to experience how students eat on campus. Meals are a great way to make friends your freshman year. Whether you like the food also is a good indicator of if you’ll like living on campus.

Ask Current Students Questions

Make a point to ask students about their experiences. One student's experience might be typical or vastly different from the norm. The more people you talk to, the better you'll understand what it might be like for you to attend a certain college or university.

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