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Making Your College Decision: Set Clear Priorities

Making Your College Decision: Set Clear Priorities


Once you receive acceptance letters from colleges or universities, making the final decision is not easy. If you are accepted to two or more schools, which one will you choose? Well, you can focus on the finer details to make your decision. Set clear priorities based on what you want.

1. Location

The actual location of your college or university is a major factor. If flights were free and time travel existed, more students would study further from home. So the question comes to down to where you would like to live for four years.

2. Academics 

Do you know what you want to study? Of the schools you were accepted to, which has the better program for what you want to do? Does one have smaller classes than another? What type of environment do you want to learn in?

3. Campus

What are the major differences between the campuses you’re considering? How long does it take to walk from the dorms to the student union? Where are classes held? Is it urban or rural? Small differences in one campus over the other might help you make your decision.

4. Social Life

Some schools are more academic or social than others, so you should find the right balance. A social life can involve parties, sports, art, Greek life and more. Choose a school that can have fun but also take class seriously.

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