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Connext Private Student Loans

Connext Private Student Loans

Connext provides private student loans for undergraduate and graduate students.


  • Choice of fixed and variable interest rates
  • No application or origination fees
  • High cumulative loan limits

Interest rates are reduced by 0.25 percentage points for borrowers who make automatic payments during the in-school period.

Connext private student loans offer variable interest rates of 4.82% to 10.42% and fixed interest rates of 6.12% to 10.76% with no application or origination fees.

Cumulative loan limits are $100,000 for undergraduate students, $150,000 for graduate students, $200,000 for MBA and law school students and $250,000 for medical school and pharmacy students.

In-school payment options include immediate repayment and full deferment. Repayment terms include 10 and 15 years. Cosigner release is available after 36 months of consecutive, full, on-time monthly payments.

connext private student loans

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