<span>Colleges for a 23 ACT</span>

Colleges for a 23 ACT

The ACT is a national standardized test that many colleges consult to compare your academic abilities to those of other high school students throughout the nation. An ACT score of 23 means that you’ve answered well over half of the exam questions correctly and lands you in the 68th percentile of test takers.

Is a Score of 23 Good?

Two million students take the ACT every year and a score of 23 is higher than two-thirds of all test takers. While it may feel like it’s a far-cry from the perfect score of 36, a score of 23 puts you in the top third, or a competitive position for college application season. That’s something to be proud of.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

As mentioned above, a score of 23 is beneficial for admission to a sizable number of colleges and universities. If the school you’re considering is among the institutions that typically accept students with a 23 on the ACT, now is the time to make sure that the rest of your application is as strong as possible. Devote enough study time to ensure your high school GPA is as strong as it can be. If any classes feel especially difficult, make them a priority when budgeting time for homework and test preparation since colleges and universities value consistent academic performance. Additionally, be sure to craft a strong personal essay that is consistent with the quality of your ACT score. Have your college counselor or academic advisor read your essay and offer constructive criticism. With an essay that flows well and a good GPA, this will substantially increase the marketability of your application at a number of schools.

If you’re interested in retaking the ACT to see if you can attain an even better score or to increase the likelihood of more merit aid, take a look at the subject-by-subject breakdown of your score to determine where to devote most of your study time. Remember that incorrect answers don’t penalize your score, so work out a system for skipping difficult questions and returning to them at the end of the section. Keep in mind that while most colleges view an ACT score of 23 in a positive light, it’s still not quite high enough for most selective schools, such as those in the Ivy League. If those aren’t on your list of dream schools, though, your 23 will suit many good institutions just fine!

What Colleges Can I Apply to With an ACT Score of 23?

A score of 23 on the ACT will provide a wide variety of college and university options, from small liberal arts colleges to large public universities. We’ve compiled a representative sample of them below. No ACT score is an automatic ticket to admission but all of these colleges have developed a pattern of accepting students with a 23.

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