<span>Colleges for a 24 ACT</span>

Colleges for a 24 ACT

The ACT is one of the main standardized tests that most colleges require as part of their admissions process and an examination that tests your knowledge in science, English, math, and reading. Scored on a scale of 1 to 36, receiving a 24 indicates that you have answered a majority of the exam questions correctly.

Is a Score of 24 Good?

Landing squarely in the 74th percentile, a score of 24 ranks in the upper echelon, above nearly three-fourths of all test takers. With that in mind, a 24 represents a competitive ACT score at approximately two-thirds of all schools. Since having a large number of college options to choose from is one of the main goals of standardizing testing, a score of 24 helps accomplish that mission.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

Keep up the good work! A 24 is considered competitive at many schools, so retaking the test isn’t necessary unless a school you’re interested in typically likes to see higher scores. If you’re set in that department, focus on keeping your GPA up and even start working on a personal statement for your applications.

If your goal is to get into a more selective school, a 24 is still a few points shy of the typical benchmark. During your junior year, finding time to retake the ACT before college application season isn’t too difficult, it’s more a matter of studying hard to improve. Take a look at the detailed score results to determine if any section was particularly difficult for you. Devote more study time to any subject with a lower score. Pick up a book of practice ACTs or download a practice test to work on until you’re more comfortable with the subject matter. Be sure to use a stopwatch to simulate all test day conditions. In addition, remember test taking strategies such as how to budget time properly, the art of making an educated guess, and keep in mind that it generally isn’t beneficial to spend too long on any one question. Go through the exam and answer all the questions that are easier to handle before devoting more time to tackling the harder ones.

If you’re a senior, it’s possible to retake the test in time for later application dates but, depending on your goals, it may be better to concentrate on making the rest of your application as strong as your ACT score. Continue maintaining a good GPA by devoting enough study to all classes and refusing to give in to senioritis. Take some additional time to put together a well-crafted personal essay that best represents your voice and accomplishments. Have your college counselor give it a read and critique to make sure that it’s as marketable as possible. Be sure to reach out to valued teachers and mentors to ask for letters of recommendation.

What Colleges Can I Apply To With an ACT Score of 24?

You’ll find that a variety of colleges accept students who score 24 on their ACT and we’ve listed a sample of them below. While a standardized test score by itself won’t guarantee admission, a score of 24 combined with exemplary grades and a good essay will go a long way toward earning acceptance. All of these schools have established a pattern of admitting students who’ve earned a 24 on the ACT.

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