<span>Colleges for a 26 ACT</span>

Colleges for a 26 ACT

The ACT is a standardized test that measures proficiency in four subject areas: math, reading, science, and English. Rated from 1 to 36, a score of 26 on the ACT demonstrates a better performance on the exam than a significant number of high school students throughout the nation.

Is a Score of 26 Good?

Two million students take the ACT every year. The average score of all exams is 20.8, more commonly rounded to a 21, which makes a score of 26 much higher than the average test taker. Putting you in the 82nd percentile, you’ll be a competitive candidate for admission at a vast majority of schools. Since one of the benefits of doing well on the ACT is to have a large variety of colleges options to choose from, a 26 will be very helpful during the application process.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

Basically you just need to keep up the good work. Make sure you have a good college list of between 7 and 10 schools to apply to and see where your ACT score falls on their commonly accepted scale. Most schools will offer a 25th and 75th percentile when it comes to ACT scores, and if you’re at or closer to their 75th percentile, it means that you’re a good candidate for them. Keep up with your classes and get a head start on your personal statement or recommendations—college application season will come up quick!

If your ACT score falls in a 25th percentile range or below, it would make the college or university a “reach” school for you. If you want to improve your odds of getting accepting at the institution (or increase the likelihood for merit aid), you can consider retaking the test, especially if you’re a junior. While it will take some concerted effort, it’s possible to become a candidate for even selective schools, who look for applicants boasting at least a 30 ACT. To prepare for a retake, look at the score breakdown for each subject area of the exam and concentrate on the topics that need the most improvement. Pick up a book of ACT practice tests or download a practice test and time yourself during each simulated exam in order to get more comfortable with the test’s format. If it’s affordable, consult a tutoring service for assistance on increasing your score to an elite level.

For seniors, it would be a bit of a time crunch to retake the test unless the deadlines for applications are in the latter half of the season. Depending on your situation, since a 26 is already a great ACT score, it might be more beneficial to concentrate on ensuring the rest of your application is as marketable as possible. There are a number of aspects to every application, all of which typically include a personal statement, recommendations, and official transcripts. Keep putting in the effort in all classes to ensure a strong and consistent academic track record. If there’s enough time after school, consider joining any extracurricular activities that might help your application look even more impressive. Consult with a college counselor or academic advisor while composing your personal essay to ensure that it best represents your voice and achievements.

What Colleges Can I Apply to With an ACT Score of 26?

A score of 26 means that your application will be competitive at a significant number of colleges and universities. We’ve assembled a sample list below. While a standardized test score does not guarantee admission in and of itself, the following schools have a history of accepting applicants with a 26 on the ACT.

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