Colleges in Miami

Colleges in Miami

In the southern tip of Florida, Miami spans 56.6 square miles and is one of the most densely populated major cities in the US. This alpha-level world city has the third-tallest skyline in the US and has more than 200,000 students enrolled in the colleges and universities within city limits.

The majority of Miami’s colleges and universities are nonprofit, both public and private. The four largest are the public Miami Dade College and Florida International University, and the private University of Miami and Barry University. MDC alone has eight campuses and 21 outreach centers through the Miami-Dade county, while UM has 12 colleges that service more 17,000 students. As one of the largest Catholic universities in the southeast, Barry University offers degrees at all levels and teaches more than 7,000 students in its 54 campus buildings. The largest of the four, though, is the Florida International University, which enrolls more than 55,000 students every year as a designated highest research institution and a member of the State University System of Florida.

Other public schools in Miami include the Miami Culinary Institute, Miami International University of Art & Design, St. Thomas University, and Nova Southeastern University. Private schools include Carlos Albizu University, Johnson and Wales University, Keiser University, and Florida Memorial University, the last of which is an historically black university with an affiliation to the Baptist religion. Miami is also home to Talmudic University, an Orthodox yeshiva and kollel.

Largely dependent on vehicles, Miami’s freeways and roads function on a grid and feature six major causeways. Magic City does have several public transportation methods, including a commuter rail, an elevated Metromover, rapid transit, and buses. The Miami International Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world and is the second largest in the nation after JFK.

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