Colleges in Seattle

Colleges in Seattle

Seattle, Washington, is a seaport city on the United States West Coast and also functions as the largest northernmost city in the country. It is a hub for trade with Asia via the Port of Seattle, which is also a starting point for many cruises to Alaska, and is also home to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Seattle has been routinely marked as one of the most literate of the US’ 69 largest cities and is notable for having more than half of its population hold bachelor’s degrees or higher.

The largest institution in the city, as well as in the entire Pacific Northwest of the country, is the University of Washington, which receives more federal research and development funding than any other public institution. There are two other distinctive institutions within the city, Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University, but neither can rival the size of U of W’s more than 40,000 students. There are several other small, private schools, which include Antioch University Seattle, the City University of Seattle, and Argosy University in Seattle. The city maintains the Seattle Colleges District system, which is comprised of three 2-year institutions, North, Central, and South, and one technical school, the Seattle Vocational Institute.

Seattle, which features dozens of theatrical production companies and a number of equity theaters that rivals only New York City, also hosts several institutions that focus entirely on the fine arts. To support this performing arts scene, the city contains the Cornish College of the Arts, the Art Institute of Seattle, Gage Academy of Arts, and the School of Visual Concepts.

Seattle features both public transportation, such as buses and a commuter rail, but the primary mode of transportation is via car on the largely grid pattern streets. The city also offers the largest network of ferries in the US, which connect Seattle to the rest of the Puget Sound and the Kitsap Peninsula.

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