<span>2.1 GPA Colleges</span>

2.1 GPA Colleges

A Grade Point Average (GPA) is determined by calculating a numerical average of your final grades throughout your high school career. A 2.1 GPA is slightly above a straight “C” average and indicates that almost all of your grades have been Cs.

Is A 2.1 GPA Good?

A grade of C is considered “average” and a 2.1 is a fraction of a step towards “above average.” With the national average GPA for graduating high school students at 3.0 (and the average for students who apply to college higher than that), a 2.1 still isn’t considered competitive, but may open one or two more college options. Technically, a 2.0 GPA is unofficially the lowest grade point average that qualifies for acceptance into a standard college, but a 2.1 is still too low to clear the bar for admission at most schools.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

For freshman and sophomores, there’s still time to bring your GPA up to the national average of 3.0. The best advice is to commit yourself to slow and steady improvements in all your classes by studying more. If your high school has academic counselors or tutors, utilize their services. Start with a goal of making incremental growth from C to C+ or from C+ to B-. And once you reach those goals, keep striving to improve. If you’re eventually able to earn Bs and a few As in all of your classes, your GPA will start rising closer to the 3.0 mark.

Juniors have a more difficult task at this point since there isn’t enough time to raise a 2.1 GPA to a 3.0. Every tenth of a point you get closer to that competitive level opens up  more college options, though. Focus on improving your grades as well as on earning some good standardized test scores—the combination makes your odds of acceptance all the better!

Unfortunately, for seniors it’s not possible to significantly raise your GPA by the application deadline for most colleges. At this point, a good option to consider is a 2-year college. Most local community colleges or junior colleges feature an open enrollment policy, which means that all students can attend regardless of GPA. Community colleges also offer the added benefit of saving money thanks to lower tuition and the opportunity to commute from home. During this time, community college provides the opportunity to establish a good GPA over two years and become eligible to transfer to a 4-year college or university with junior standing.

What Colleges Can I Apply to with a 2.1 GPA?

A comparatively small number of colleges accept students with a 2.1 GPA and we have compiled a list of them below. Be aware that this does not guarantee admission and is only a list of institutions that have previously admitted students with a GPA in the 2.1-2.2 range.

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