<span>2.4 GPA Colleges</span>

2.4 GPA Colleges

A GPA, or grade point average, is an average of all high school grades. A 2.4 GPA is considered a C+, and is right on the cusp of a B- average, which is much more marketable to colleges and universities.

Is a 2.4 GPA Good?

A 2.4 GPA signals to a college or university that a student has earned average scores within the B- and C+ range. A 2.4 is a hair away from the 2.5 range, which opens up eligibility for a number of colleges, but is still below the competitive benchmark for college applications of 3.0. The closer you can get to that threshold, the wider variety of colleges you’ll have to choose from.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

As a freshman or sophomore, there’s no need to panic. There’s plenty of time to improve your GPA to competitive levels. Make a commitment to devoting more evenings to studying and test prep with the goal of turning a C+ into a B- or B. Remember that every tenth of a GPA point gained opens up several more college options during the application season. Make these study techniques a habit and they will come in handy when it’s time to prepare for standardized tests.

As for juniors, balancing studying for grade improvement and standardized testing at the same time can get tricky, but is certainly possible. Set a goal of incrementally improving your GPA, setting step-by-step challenges to improve your GPA to the 2.5-2.8 range. While it’s possible to earn a 3.0 by graduation if you’re still in your first semester of junior year, it would require flawless 4.0 semesters until graduation.

If you’re a senior, a 2.4 GPA is within a tenth of a point of a 2.5 and it’s worth going all out to try to bring it up to that level before application season is officially over in late February or early March (check those deadlines!). Applying for schools with later deadlines will be your best bet for increasing your college options as long as you make the most of first semester senior year. Another option is to consider attending a community college for the first year or two of your bachelor’s degree. On top of the open enrollment policy at most 2-year institutions, it can help students save money through lower tuition payments and avoiding the typically high cost of room and board. After working towards a satisfactory GPA during the next two years, transfer to a 4-year college or university with junior standing.

What Colleges Can I Apply to With a 2.4 GPA?

There are a decent number of colleges that accept students with a 2.4 GPA and several examples are listed below. While we can’t guarantee admission to any school, these colleges and universities have established a history of admitting students with a 2.4-2.5 GPA.

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