<span>2.6 GPA Colleges</span>

2.6 GPA Colleges

Grade point average (GPA) is the cumulative average of your final grades throughout high school. A 2.6 GPA is the equivalent of a B- average and indicates a level of accomplishment in all completed classes so far.

Is a 2.6 GPA Good?

A 2.6 GPA is generally considered alright. A grade of B or higher indicates that all of the class material was understood and could successfully be applied on homework and tests, which is definitely something that colleges are looking for. However, it’s important to remember that the national average for graduating high school students is 3.0 and most colleges also use that number as an unofficial benchmark for a competitive application. So, while a student with a 2.6 GPA is eligible to apply at most colleges, it isn’t the sort of GPA that can competitively expect admission.  

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

For freshmen and sophomores, remember that a 2.6 GPA is so close to the competitive 3.0 benchmark for colleges and universities. Aiming for a 3.0 GPA by college application season is an excellent (and very realistic) goal. Start by concentrating on classes that you’re struggling with the most and try to get them all to a straight B grade. By establishing a new, slightly higher, baseline for your grades, your 2.6 GPA will be at that competitive 3.0 level in no time.

If you’re a junior and want to make yourself as competitive a candidate for college admission as possible, you’ll need to make the most of the two semesters before application season. Meet with teachers or counselors to determine the best course of action and understand that it’ll be a solid year of intense work, but the kind that’s worth it. Your odds of acceptance at colleges and universities you love will go way up!

As for seniors, it’s hard to raise your GPA in your senior year, especially if the college or university you’re interested in has an earlier application deadline. If the deadline extends into the January to March range, though, there’s a chance you can increase your GPA by a tenth or two during the first semester of your senior year, improving your odds of acceptance. Even if that doesn’t work out, don’t lose hope. There are a number of colleges that accept a 2.6 GPA, though they may not come with much merit aid, but that also depends on standardized test scores, after school activities, and your overall application package.

If you want to put yourself in a better position to receive more merit aid, there’s always the option of attending a community college for 2 years. After establishing a good GPA, it’s possible to transfer to a 4-year college or university—although be sure to consult the school’s articulation agreement policy first.

What Colleges Can I Apply to With a 2.6 GPA?

There are a number of colleges that accept students with a 2.6 GPA and we’ve assembled a list of them below. This doesn’t mean that there’s automatic acceptance based on GPA alone but each of these colleges and universities has a history of admitting students with a GPA in the 2.6-2.7 range.

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