<span>4.0 GPA Colleges</span>

4.0 GPA Colleges

Grade point average (GPA) is a measure of academic performance that assigns a numeric value to all final grades and computes your average. A 4.0 GPA equates to an “A” grade and indicates that you have received As in every class.

Is a 4.0 GPA Good?

GPA is measured on a 4.0 scale, with 4.0 as the highest achievable score with a regular class load, otherwise known as an unweighted GPA. It demonstrates academic excellence and the ability to earn the highest possible grade in every class. Regarding college applications, a 4.0 GPA far exceeds the 3.0 national average for high school graduates, and is more on par with what very selective institutions, such as those in the Ivy League, seek out.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

No matter your class year, a 4.0 GPA demonstrates a consistent pattern of success and makes your application competitive for admission to every college and university. For freshmen and sophomores, the best course of action is to keep it up. You’re already in an amazing place so keep up the stellar work. If you want to challenge yourself more, consider AP and Honors classes (if you aren’t already taking them). Now is also the ideal time to explore extracurricular activity options. Whether you’re more interested in clubs and organizations, sports, or community service, finding an activity to pursue outside of class will help you find what you’re passionate about, as well as really round out a great college application.

If you’re a junior, it’s time to turn a portion of your focus to preparing for standardized tests. Since most colleges consider ACT or SAT scores on approximately equal footing with GPA, it’s important to devote enough time to prepare for an entrance exam. Take a few practice tests and time yourself to get accustomed to the format. Make notes about difficult questions and focus your study time on those areas. If there’s enough time, sign up for a test prep class offered by your high school to ensure you’re as prepared as possible.

For seniors, concentrate on making sure every part of your application lives up to the standard set by your GPA—from the essay to the list of after school activities. Have your college counselor read through your personal statement to make sure that it reflects your skills and accomplishments as well as a 4.0 GPA does. Meet with visiting college admissions officers and network with them to determine what their college or university wants to see on an application.

What Colleges Can You Apply to With a 4.0 GPA?

A 4.0 GPA is at the very top of the scale and makes you eligible for admission at every school. From large public universities to small private colleges, we’ve assembled a representative sample of these institutions below. Be aware that no GPA guarantees acceptance but all of these institutions have a history of admitting students with a 4.0 GPA.

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Hope College is a 4-year liberal arts institute located in downtown Holland. Hope partners with the Reformed Church in America but welcomes students of all faiths, as well as those of no faith. The liberal arts curriculum at Hope is threaded through...

“…There's a lot of interaction between you and the professor.” – Amanda from Livonia, MI