<span>Colleges for a 1000 SAT</span>

Colleges for a 1000 SAT

The SAT is an entrance exam utilized by many colleges and universities as part of their admissions process that consists of sections covering math, reading, and writing. The SAT is scored on a scale of 400 to 1600 with 1600 being the best possible result. A score of 1000 falls just shy of the national average range between 1050-1100.

Is a Score of 1000 Good?

A score of 1000 places you between the 35th and 40th percentile of all exam takers. With a score of 1000, you’ll be eligible to apply to a decent number of colleges, however, it won’t make you a competitive applicant at most of them. If the goal of taking the SAT is to give yourself as many college choices as possible and to increase your odds of acceptance, a score of 1000 only partially accomplishes this objective.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

Consider retaking the SAT with the goal of bettering your score. As a junior, you still have enough time before college application season begins. To prepare for the retake, pick up a book of practice SATs or download a practice test online. Time yourself while taking each practice exam to simulate test day conditions. If you think it will be more beneficial for you, sign up for a test prep course through your high school or hire a private tutor specializing in the SAT if possible. Raising your score by even just 50-100 points will land you in the range for the national average making you a more competitive candidate.

If you’re working through senior year it may be difficult to squeeze in a retake for the SAT before the bulk of college application season. Check the deadlines for the institutions you want to apply to and see if any of them extend into January through March—you may be able to retake it during fall semester. If not, there are still several schools that accept applications featuring a 1000 ACT, but you can also consider test optional colleges and universities. Since they don’t take into account standardized test scores, the focus shifts to other portions of your application, such as your GPA, personal statement, and recommendations.

You can also consider applying to your local community college. After establishing a good academic record over the next two years, you can then transfer to a 4-year institution as a rising junior.

What Colleges Can I Apply to With a Score of 1000?

There are a fair number of schools that will consider students who earn a score of 1000 on the SAT and we’ve assembled a list of them below. Be aware that a standardized test score is not a guarantee of admission, but these institutions have established a history of accepting students with a score of 1000.

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