<span>Colleges for a 850 SAT</span>

Colleges for a 850 SAT

The SAT is a standardized test utilized by many colleges during the admissions process to compare your academic proficiency with that of other high school students throughout the nation. The scoring scale begins at 400 and the top score is 1600, with the average result among the 1.7 million students who take the exam every year clocking in between 1050-1100. A score of 850 falls below the national average and indicates that a large number of questions were answered incorrectly.

Is a Score of 850 Good?

A score of 850 ranks approximately in the 15th percentile of test takers nationwide. With an 850, you’ll be eligible to apply to a small number of colleges, but most schools will require a higher score in order to consider your application. Since the primary goals of taking the SAT are to earn merit aid and make yourself a competitive candidate at as many schools as possible, a score of 850 doesn’t accomplish that.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

The best recommendation to open up more college options is to retake the SAT. If you’re a junior, there’s plenty of time to sign up for another test date with study time to spare. The first step is to analyze the breakdown of your test results and determine if you’re having particular trouble in a specific area or two, or if you need to review all subjects in general. Take a few practice tests using a book of sample SATs or download a practice exam. Use a timer to simulate the time limits for each section, keeping track of all questions that prove to be difficult so you know where to devote the most study time.

Another option to consider is taking an SAT prep class offered by your high school. If it’s affordable, consider hiring an SAT tutor, as well. They’ll be able to provide guidance on practice exams and give feedback based on the results. Utilize these lessons to practice test taking strategies such as skimming SAT reading sections and making educated guesses. There are also several online SAT study platforms to choose from.

Depending on where you are in your senior year, there might not be enough time to retake the SAT before submitting college applications, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. Apply to colleges that accept an 850 SAT score and also take a look at institutions that are test optional, which means that they don’t require standardized testing scores at all. You can also consider applying to a 2-year or community college, which typically practice open enrollment.

What College Can I Apply to With a Score of 850?

There are a small number of colleges that will consider an application with an SAT score of 850 and we’ve assembled a list of them below. Remember that your standardized test score is only one component of the admissions process, but these schools have demonstrated a history of admitting students with an 850.

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