<span>Colleges for a 950 SAT</span>

Colleges for a 950 SAT

The SAT is a college entrance examination and a nationwide test for high school students in reading, writing, and math. The scoring scale runs from 400 to 1600, with the average test taker receiving a composite result between 1050 and 1100. A 950 falls in the 31st percentile, short of what most colleges and universities would like to see on applications for admission.

Is a Score of 950 Good?

With this score, you’re eligible to apply to a lengthier list of colleges, but it’s not a score that’s considered competitive since it does fall below that national average. Since one of the purposes of the SAT is to make it possible to choose from a wide variety of higher education institutions, a 950 only partially accomplishes that mission.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

If you’re a junior, consider retaking the SAT, especially knowing the fact that adding a mere 100 points to your score would increase the number of schools you’re eligible to apply to, as well as increase your competitiveness as a candidate. The best way to improve a score of 950 is to devote more time to studying and preparing for the retake. Become even more acquainted with the exam by picking up a book of practice SATs or downloading a sample test online. Be sure to use a timer while taking the tests to get a better sense of how to budget the time allowed. Additionally, take note of all difficult questions to find out where to concentrate your studies.

As for seniors, it may be difficult to retake the SAT in time for college application season, but there are a handful of colleges that will consider a 950 SAT. Assess your list of colleges and see where you fall on their 25th to 75th percentile scales for acceptance—it may be that simply shifting your safety schools to match schools, your list can still mostly work. Another good route to take is to research test optional colleges, especially if the rest of your academic performance is good. Since they don’t consider standardized test scores when reviewing applications, they put much more focus on GPA, personal statement, and recommendation letters.

You can also consider applying to the local community college. Most feature an open admissions policy, an SAT score of 950 won’t be a factor in the application process. After enrolling, spend the next two years establishing a good academic record with the goal of eventually transferring to a 4-year year college.

What College Can I Apply to With a Score of 950?

There are a few colleges and universities that will consider a score of 950 and we’ve put together a list of them below. Be aware that an SAT score is only one part of the college admissions process, but all of these institutions have established a precedent of admitting students with a 950.

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