Colleges in Pennsylvania

Colleges in Pennsylvania

Humid summers and cold winters are typical in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Keystone State, where the Declaration of Independence and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, were drafted, is also known for the Carnegie Museums, National Aviary, and for creating the first zoo in the nation. There are a variety of colleges in Pennsylvania, including Bible colleges, private baccalaureate institutions, for-profit schools, doctoral colleges, and the Commonwealth System of Higher Education, which includes more than 30 colleges and universities. Pennsylvania is also home to several specialized institutions and a Talmudical college. The oldest institution in the state is the University of Pennsylvania, which also debuted the country’s first medical college in 1874. Chemical manufacturing, coal mining, and food products are key areas of Pennsylvania’s economy, while other major industries include broadcasting and telecommunication, as well as administrative and support services. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Hersheypark, and the Liberty Bell are prime attractions.
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“…i am a very proud penn state student. penn state is an institution that wants you to succeed. people here all this talk about college's don't care if you succeed or not, they just want your money. that may be true but as long as you apply yourself...” – Ashley from Lancaster, PA

“…I rate UPenn at a 10 out of 10, I love my school and everything about it. I think what really makes us great is the oppurtunity to have a well rounded education so critical thinking is put at the center of all classes. In addition it is a beautiful...” – Ami from Philadelphia, PA

“…Settled in the middle of Pittsburgh, students learn in one of the best, most interesting, and understated cities in the country. Pitt has it all with beautiful academic buildings, an abundance of interesting classes, and sports teams unifying the...” – Debra from Harrington Park, NJ

“…Exciting and diverse” – Thomas from Philadelphia, PA

“…Drexel University is a great school for anyone looking to earn a head start in real world experience and building connections for a career. The co-op plans provide the perfect opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of what's in store after college and...” – Jonathan from Philadelphia, PA

“…The students here are incredibly passionate about a diverse number of majors, clubs and interests. The professors are often talented researchers, but sometimes fall short in their teaching abilities. Overall, the university is defined by its student...” – Maya from Barrington, IL

“…villanova is a medium-sized school with large-scale opportunities and resources. they value community, academics, sports, and the arts. there is something for everyone, and anything is possible here.” – Lauren from East Brunswick, NJ

“…The most striking thing about Lehigh University is it's beautiful sloping campus that is in between the downtown Bethlehem area and South Mountain. Furthermore, the academics at Lehigh are challenging but refreshing for any motivated student...” – Kaitlyn from Chambersburg, PA

“…Bucknell is where the students work hard and play hard. Greek life and athletics are huge. It is a beautiful place to live and get your degree.” – Bridget from Milford, CT

“…Lafayette College is the place where the student comes before all else. Focused on ensuring the success of all current students, this Liberal Arts college is the perfect place to set up good future foundations in both the workplace and graduate...” – Rachel from New Jersey

“…Duquesne is a great school for respectable students that really want to learn and better themselves. Duquesne truly cares about improving people all around--mentally, emotionally, physically, and religiously. This is not just a campus where people go...” – Lauren from Wampum, PA

“…Philadelphia University is a beautiful university. The faculty here will do all it can to make sure you succeed in your future career or field. It provides many opportunities that many other universities do not, including free tutoring, personal...” – Rachel from Weatherly, PA

“…Swarthmore is a great place to pursue your academic passions and push yourself to realize your full potential. It's not for everyone; the academics can be pretty intense, depending on your major and if you choose to enter the Honors Program, and the...” – Sarah from Wynnewood, PA

“…Gettysburg is almost like a dream. I feel more at home here than I do anywhere else and being on campus makes me smile. I feel really lucky to get to attend this school and am really going to miss it when I graduate. ” – Kaytie from MA

“…I honestly love it here. It is close enough to Philadelphia to go to do stuff there but far enough away for it to not be too city-like. The staff are very helpful and are always working to improve. ” – Brittany from Central Square, NY

King's College
Wilkes Barre, PA

“…King's College is unconventional and will teach me things I never thought I would learn. It's a great learning institution with compassionate and amiable professors. The classes are challenging while simultaneously mutually stimulating. ” – Brittny from Luzerne, PA

Lincoln University (PA)
Lincoln University, PA

“…There is more to Lincoln than meets the eye. It's one of those school's you would have to attend to understand what we do here. It may start off slow, but you have to get involved to really know what it is to be apart of that Lincoln Pride!” – Keyarnna from Washington, DC

“…Muhlenberg is such an amazing school in every aspect of student life. The accommodations are amazing and they're enhanced by all the students who fill them. You can always find something to smile about while you're on campus. ” – Anna from Scarborough, ME

“…Dickinson seems like the perfect college for me. It's close, but not too close to where I live, there are many opportunities, and the study abroad program is awesome.” – Cynthia from Greensburg, PA

“…If Susquehanna University fits your criteria when looking for schools, it is close to guaranteed that you will find it to be wonderful. Don't let the sticker shock get to you- they give good financial aid here. If you're serious about your college...” – Sarah from Pennsylvania

“…Wonderful academics Gives students the freedom to explore their options Beautiful campus” – Rachel from Pittsburgh, PA

“…Eastern University is one of the best options out there for prospective Christian college students. I am still struggling to find something that I DON'T like! Eastern ensures quality education, memories, and spiritual growth.” – Leta from Herkimer, NY

“…It is a good student atmosphere. The professors are open and understanding and have a vast knowledge base. This is the best choice I could have made for my major, occupational therapy.” – Sarah from Imperial, PA

“…St. Joe's is a school where you can never say there is nothing to do. With challenging school work and ways to get involved you can always keep yourself busy. There is a place for everyone here. ” – Rosie

“…If you are interested in studying abroad then Arcadia University is the school for you. It is very open to all cultures hence it is very diverse. Finally the professors and staff are very friendly and approachable and there is a one on one with the...” – Imoinda from Philadelphia, PA

“…This is a beautiful campus with alot of wonderful architecture. All the people I spoke with took the time to answer questions and to find out a little about me. The academic program was also very good.” – Jas

“…best experience ever!” – Jessica from Kernersville, NC

“…A close-knit space where people of liberal tendencies really get to know one another. The faulty is superb and dedicated, and people generally look out for each other. The general air of people on campus is surprisingly reserved and polite.” – Jasmin from Brooklyn, NY

“…The courses are not too easy or too strenuous, and the teachers I have had are helpful but do not baby their students by any stretch. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate, and the residence halls and campus facilities are great. Overall, I...” – Frankie from Washington, PA

“…Grove City has been an excellent school. I am a junior English major and I would definitely recommend the department to anyone interesting in studying English. The professors are really great and friendly and I haven't had a single English course the...” – L. from MA

“…Elizabethtown College is a school that feels like home. There are so many ways to get involved and meet people on campus that there is never a dull moment. I love Elizabethtown because of the excellent academics, wonderful fellow peers and staff...” – Elise from Aberdeen, MD

“…Marywood isn't just a school, it's a community. It's a little old school in the rules, like no members of the opposite sex spending the night, but I think that just makes it more like home. ” – Katelynn from Reading, PA

“…La Salle has an amazing Honors Program and promises to challenge you. I would suggest trying to apply to the honors program because it is definitely worth it. All of the college professors are great” – Candice from West Chester, PA

“…SFU is a welcoming community. SFU is a great educational environment. SFU helps you reach higher and go far!” – Jessica from Northern Cambria, PA

“…university of the sciences is a great academic institution. its a small private university which allows for more student professor interaction with small class sizes. great place to learn about your prospective career. ” – Stephanie from Monroeville, NJ

“… York College of Pennsylvania is a wonderful small college. Classes are taught by professors who truly care about their students, in small settings. The people at YCP are always friendly.” – Christine from Parkville, MD

Messiah College
Mechanicsburg, PA

“…I love Messiah college! It is a fantastic school focused on building relationships and academics. You are free to express your views as a Christian on campus, allowing your faith to grow. ” – Carly from Mechanicsburg, PA

“…I really love the atmosphere at this school and how personal everything is here. I love that my professors all know my name and some of my interests outside of class.” – Paige from Erie, PA

“…I love it! It is kind of expensive, but everyone is soo nice. You actually have to work for your grade.” – Sharese from Reading, PA

“…i love this school. its a nice urban campus thats probably bigger than alot of people would think. this school also has a wide range of diverse people.” – LaQueisha from Pittsburgh, PA

“…a very rewarding experience for a relatively low cost. a small yet beautiful campus with everything you need relatively close by. a school that does more for you outside of the classroom as well as in.” – Daeshawn from Pittsbugh, PA

Ursinus College
Collegeville, PA

“…Ursinus is a small, suburban liberal arts college. Students are serious about their academics and extracurricular activities. The campus is very safe and students and everyone (students, faculty, adminstration) is friendly.” – Tracy from Philadelphia, PA

Wilson College
Chambersburg, PA

“…Wilson College is a small school so everybody knows everybody, and you will see a familiar face everywhere you go. We form friendships right away and there is a lot of community involvement. Our professors are willing to help any way they can when a...” – Student Class of 2013

“…it is a small, rural, inexpensive school. the professors care about you. there is very little to do socially at lhu.” – Brittney from Seven Valleys, PA

“…Its a small, but beautiful campus. The staff and seniors make you feel so comfortable. Its just a big loving and caring family.” – Jazlynn from Monroeton, PA

“…Community really have a great team. They really take the time out to help you move forward in your future career and there courses is really great.” – Cassandra from Philadelphia, PA

“…Moravian is a quaint school in the small city of Bethlehem. It is very quiet on campus despite its location and it is aesthetically pleasing. The professors are extremely nice and the class sizes are usually between 15-30 students.” – Paige from Saylorsburg, PA

“…DeSales has a beautiful campus and a friendly environment. The people and staff here make one feel so at home, and they strive to help you in anyway they can. The small college feel is not a detriment, but a benefit.” – Stefanie from TELFORD, PA

“…This school is a school of business. Every faculty member wants you to succeed and grow in music. When you step in there as a student you leave each class everyday a better musician.” – Khrista from Fairless Hills, PA

“…I am the happiest little zoo science student in the world here at Delaware Valley College. Our tight-knit community, fantastic learning environment, and people who have the same dreams as me have made the transition to college more manageable than I...” – Celina from Hamden, CT

“…my experience so far at neumann university has been a pleasant one. the teacher are very helpful and understanding. i would consider anyone to go to neumann university.” – Shakeera from Chester, PA

“…a place where the student comes first. whether you are into music, science, sports, etc., lebanon valley college is a place where you can find exactly what you are good at and what interests you the most. their main concern is the what is best for...” – Mary from Landisburg, PA

“…This is a small school. This school has a growing incoming freshmen rate. This school has a variety of students.” – Kristin from Titusville, NJ

“…The campus is integrated into the local community without losing the collegiate feel, which opens up local employment and service opportunities. The classes are small and discussion-based and will not leave you wanting. Franklin and Marshall is small...” – Georgianna from Frederick, MD

“…this college, now university, offers the perfect balance of social activities, sports, and most importantly academics. my decision to come to mercyhurst is the best decision i have ever made for myself. it is definitely the place to build memories...” – Jonna from Grove City, PA

“…Chestnut Hill College is a small school that is very comforting for students and really makes you feel at home. The staff at Chestnut Hill go out of their way to make sure every student is happy and help them to reach their goals. Chestnut Hill...” – Anonymous

“…juniata college is an absolutely amazing school. the professors know you, the college is a close-knit community, and after graduation you will understand how much more you appreciate the institution. i do not have a single ounce of regret for...” – Christopher

“…La Roche College is a small, yet bustling school. Professors and students throughout the school are friendly, always smiling, and eager to help in anyway they can. I transferred here but have never felt more at home!” – Sarah from Brackenridge, PA

“…Thiel College is the perfect place to be if you are looking fo a great education in a small, welcoming atmosphere. With activities put on every weekend, there is alwasy something for students to do when they want to break away from the studying and...” – Jessica from Cortland, OH

“…Seton Hill has a beautiful campus. Nowhere else will you get the one on one experience with faculty members who actually know your name. Its small size make Seton Hill the most personable school I know of.” – Breanna from Greensburg, PA

“…Small and efficient. The school is great for student teacher connections. The learning environment is a great positive atmosphere I have benefited greatly from going there for a year. ” – Jonathan from DOYLESTOWN, PA

“…Thomas Jefferson University is a great school in developing the future professionals of healthcare. Each year it develops new doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others to help those who can not help themselves. I love being at this school because I...” – Peter from Philadelphia, PA

“…If you are looking for a small, close knit school Cabrini is perfect. It is close to the city with the security of the suburbs. With the connections that I make here, I know that I will be successful in life. ” – Gabby from NJ

“…It is a studious, fun school. The professors are super helpful and want you to succeed. Their is plenty of things to do with your friends and we are near kings college and Wilkes university. the campus is beautiful and we just got a football team!” – Destiny

“…This school has offered me experiences I don't think I could receive anywhere else. The science professors have integrated a plethora of information into just the three years I have been there. In combination with the hands-on experiences, I have...” – Kayleigh from Byron, NY

“…Carlow University is very personable. The staff is dedicated to the true learning of students. I would give Carlow a high rating for prospective students.” – Kelsey from East Pittsburgh, PA

“…West Chester is a very well-rounded university with so much to offer at such a reasonable price. It is a great place to discover new interests and follow your passions. Everyone attending this university is united and proud to be a Golden Ram!” – Nicole from Pottstown, PA

“…Waynesburg is a wonderful school! I love the people there and the teachers are very willing to help. I love this university!” – Christena from Falling Waters, WV

“…Cedar Crest College is a leader in educating its nursing students. They teach students a global perspective to successfully prepare them for their career. They excel academic expectations. ” – Tasha from Bethlehem, PA

“…I would give this school high ratings. The professors are quite interactive, and they are there for you when you need them even when not during office hours. The campus is beautiful and peaceful, you can sit on the bench on a nice day study and not...” – Tiffany from Philadelphia, PA

“…its beautiful and very big everyone is friendly here the professors are very open” – Azylon from Lenoxville, PA

“…this university is great academically wise, because it pushes you to work hard. the classes are small, this gives an opportunity for students to gain more one-on-one with the professors. when a student is in need of help there are many ways for them...” – Jasmin from Philadelphia, PA

“…i love the small classes. i love the attention given by each professor. and the food isn't bad either! :)” – Camara from Lehighton, PA

Geneva College
Beaver Falls, PA

“…if you are looking for a christian college with rigorous academics, you can find it here at geneva. geneva is small enough to see familiar faces, but still large enough to make new friends. no matter what type of person you are - social, athletic,...” – Amy

“…It was a no brainer that I would be attending MCCC before I went to North Carolina. The campus is so clean and welcoming. Also every single person that works there helps students out the best way they can. I am so thankful to have had people help me...” – Melissa from Souderton, PA

“…Bryn Athyn is a small school, with a spiritual basis. The school is attempting to expand through athletics, but is still trying to retain their core values. The school is part of a very tight knit community” – Andrew from Exton, PA

“…Pitt-Brad is the perfect place for me. I found great teachers, great guidance and wonderful friends. I wouldn't trade Pitt-Brad for anything.” – Frankie from Lyndhurst, OH

“…a private, small school with great academics. one on one attention in the classroom with great professors. students here are very welcoming, easy to get along with and that forms a great learning environment in the classroom.” – Erin from Cheswick, PA

“…Bloomsburg is what you make of it. If you get involved and are active in the community and on campus, you'll have a great time. If you're looking for city life and constant activity, this school is probably not for you.” – Erin from Harrisburg, PA

“…UPJ is a nice, small campus. Everything is easy to find and the students and professors are all very friendly. I have had some issues with different offices, being a transfer student, but overall everyone is fairly helpful.” – Sammi from Johnstown, PA

“…kutztown university is a phenomenal choice for students choosing to continue their education in the pennsylvania state-school educational system. ku has caring professors, a great student-driven atmosphere, and the campus has received awards for its...” – Nicholas from Kutztown, PA

“…Gwynedd-Mercy College is amazing school for students who would love to be known by their name and not just a number. The faculty who work here are kind, loving, caring, and helpful people who make the experience even better than what it is. Anyone...” – Jasmin from North Wales, PA

“…Saint Vincent is a rather quiet, rural college. The professors are generally pretty good and with the small class sizes it is easy to meet with professors on a regular basis. Overall, Saint Vincent is a good college and a good place to receive an...” – Student from Greensburg, PA

“…westminster is a rather small college and quite beautiful. the professors give the students the attention they need and truly care about their education. there are also wonderful classes.” – Cassandra from Monaca, PA

“…Mount Aloysius is a great college, because it's smaller and convenient for me. ” – Kaylee from Cherry Tree, PA

“…edinboro university of pennsylvania is a nationally accredited college for the art and education fields. many schools look to hire teachers from edinboro due to its accreditation. as the edinboro banner states, great things happen here! ” – Giordano from Cambridge Springs, PA

“…Millersville University is very diverse, and has many opportunities for students to reach their highest potential. Being the first person to go to college in my family, Millersville made sure that everything that I needed help with was handled and...” – Marie from Philadelphia, PA

“…The school has been incredibly welcoming as I entered my freshman year. I haven't felt this welcome anywhere ever. Everyone is so nice, the classes are interesting and the professors are knowledgeable. ” – from LANCASTER, PA

“…Rosemont is a very small college, with an intimate setting. All the people here are very personable, and there is never a way to feel out of place because since the college is so intimate everyone is familiar with one another. Lastly, the academic...” – Breanna from Philadelphia, PA

“…i would rate upg very well, it was a good choice for me. small class sizes, close personal relationships and one to one help. i can't complain about this school other than it is boring at times. ” – Anna from Rural Valley, PA

“…You shouldn't come here if you are specifically looking for someone to marry or if you enjoy to have a few drinks now and then etc. This is a great school for people who's main focus is to live their lives for God. This has to be your main priority...” – Melanie from Bushkill, PA

“…Clarion University is in the heart of a small town in Western Pennsylvania, and the atmosphere is great. The staff is friendly and willing to work with students, the college of business is prestigious, and the classes contain a lot of information...” – Blayze from Saltsburg, PA

“…Slippery Rock gives students an opportunity to further their education intellectually and creatively. This university gives students the information and help so that they can continue to figure out the path that is best for them. Slippery Rock...” – Taylour from Bainbridge, PA

“…Shippensburg University is an excellent state school with an even better faculty board. It is a semi-large campus with a lot to do. If you attend Ship and work hard alongside your professors, you will make it far in life!” – Jonathan from Avoca, PA

“…current student as esu. in the year i have attended i do like the school. i plan on attending this university to fill my future goal of becoming a teacher.” – Female ,NJ

“…Lackawanna College seems to be a very comfortable place. It's easy to settle in there and get to know everyone. It's like a family.” – Renea from Philadelphia, PA

“…Luzerne County Community College has shown me that a great education does not have to break your pocket or bank account. My professors and the faculty are very helpful in assisting my needs. I am getting the best education I can that's affordable...” – Megan from White Haven, PA

“…From my research I have found that there are older students like myself. The course hours are within my weekly work schedule. The history of the college is outstanding.” – Sharmaine from Philadelphia, PA

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