Colleges in Texas

Colleges in Texas

The second largest state in both area and population, Texas spans through several climate zones so weather varies widely across The Lone Star State. There are six university systems, the University of Houston System, University of North Texas System, University of Texas System, Texas A&M University System, Texas State University System, and the Texas Tech University System. There are also a large number of private liberal arts colleges, theological institutions, and 9 historically black colleges and universities in Texas, to go along with the extensive community college system. Baylor University is the oldest institution in the state, whereas Rice University has the most selective admissions process. Petroleum and natural gas, farming, steel, and banking are top-ranking industries in Texas. The Alamo, Big Bend National Park, and San Antonio’s River Walk are popular attractions.
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“…Wonderful atmosphere on campus. Just attended NSC in early June and enjoyed hearing about all the great programs and classes I will start in the fall of 2012. Enjoyed getting to know some of my fellow classmates. I am from out of state and they...” – KLM from Florida

“…UT has so much to offer to every kind of student. UT has a balance between social opportunities and academic opportunities. With more than 40,000 undergraduate students, the school provides so much diversity.” – Brandon from Pearland, TX

“…Baylor is AWESOME. The administration and faculty are always willing to help, and they connect with students on such a personal and individual level. The gorgeous campus, friendly, Christian atmosphere, and stellar academics have truly made Baylor my...” – Sarah from Spring, TX

“…in my opinion, this school is underrated. it is an excellent university with excellent professors and spectacular school spirit. it can definitely compete with other texas universities. ” – Christopher from Houston, TX

“…texas state is a picturesque school full of life, diverse, with a river that runs through it, and also full of people that are willing to help you on anything from personal problems, to math homework. ” – Genesis from Houston, TX

“…Rice is outstanding in all areas of college life, from academics, to partying, right down to the weather. I was a little hesitant to leave New York for Texas and pay a little bit more than my other college options, but honestly Rice was worth the...” – Janet from Carmel, NY

“…The University of Texas at San Antonio exhibits an outstanding support for school and team spirit. Because the college is situated both on the outskirts (main campus) and downtown (second campus) regions of San Antonio, there are numerous...” – Samuel from Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

“…the university of north texas is a well developed university that takes a lot of pride in its students. the staff really go out of their way to fulfill every students' needs and requests. overall, this school is a good school to attend for anyone.” – Tyler from Irving, TX

“…sam houston state university has an amazing environment. the teacher-student ratio is perfect. the atmosphere is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to get lost in the crowd.” – Felicia from Cedar Park, TX

“…texas tech university is by far a home away from home for me. i met so many unique and diverse people and grew closer to them as my temporary family. texas tech is, was, and will always be my number one choice” – Tyler from Idalou, TX

“…I love UTD! This school is a small, tight-knit community with diverse backgrounds that keeps college life interesting. Once in, you are most likely to stay!” – Natasya from Plano, TX

“…TCU is a small-medium size school that is gaining national recognition in academics and sports. The community is very supportive and school-spirited. The students and professors are all passionate about their particular area of study and just...” – Becca from California

“…The University is priced perfectly for in state students! The University is not to big but not to small. The University staff will go out of there way to help you if you have a problem and are respectful.” – Latrisha from Houston, TX

“…uta is perfect. it isn't to big or to small; it is growing and will soon be a pier 1 school. the academics are held on very high standards; 10 out of 10.” – Hilary from Garland, TX

“…Southern Methodist university is a predominantly white school, being a minority I felt a bit left out at first but once you get going you begin to feel a lot better. There is a great atmosphere and the campus looks amazing. Frat life is big on campus...” – Gustavo from Dallas, TX

“…I love St. Mary's University. It has helped me grow a whole lot. I also love the size of the campus and the population. ” – Alexis from El Paso, TX

“…Wonderful teachers and advisers. Great college experience. Clean and awesome class rooms.” – Nora from Tyler, TX

“…lamar university has small classrooms so professors can pay attention to all student needs. all faculty and staff are willing to help students accomplish their goals both inside and outside the classroom. lamar university has several hangout...” – Cynthia from Beaumont, TX

“…This is an affordable university with a great atmosphere. I would suggest Texas A&M-Commerce to anyone looking for an affordable, well-rounded college. The professors and staff are very friendly and love to work with the students.” – TAMUC Student

“…Tarleton State University is a well rounded 4 year university. It offers an experience that most other Colleges cannot. tarletons most unique feature is the fact that it is in the middle of a small cowboy run town.” – dustin from Stephenville, TX

“…Texas Woman's University's application process was simple and straightforward. The faculty and staff have been very professional and accommodating. I am excited to be attend TWU!!” – John from Endicott, NY

“…houston community college is one of the most well-known colleges in houston. it has very flexible class schedules throughout the year. the professors here are very informative and patient.” – Angie from Houston, TX

“…Trinity University has challenged me as a student, an athlete, and a young adult. Throughout my experiences thus far, I have learned life-long lessons and developed friendships and connections with individuals who will be an integral part of my...” – Margaret from Omaha, NE

“…I couldn't sum it up in 3 sentences. I love being a student at Midwestern State University! The class sizes are small, especially once you get really into your degree plan. I love being able to stop by my professors office and ask questions without...” – Bethaney from Stamford, TX

“…the community here is an incredible blessing. the close-knit relationships formed are life changing. the professors truly care about each student.” – Sharon from Abilene, TX

“…southwestern is a phenomenal university. it provides every student with great resources to be successful. attending southwestern university was the best choice i ever made. ” – Maria from Jarrell, TX

“…the university of st. thomas is a small catholic university. while it is deeply immersed in catholic morals and traditions, the university is open to people of all religions and beliefs. the staff and faculty at the university are very kind.” – Student from Houston, TX

“…texas a&m university corpus christi is a great campus. the senery is beautiful, campus life is always busy you will never find yourself bored, and there are so may oppertunities for growth as a student. the profesors are really good at being there...” – Brandy from San Antonio, TX

“…This is such a good school. The classes are smaller than most, so there is a bigger opportunity for one-on-one involvement between teachers and students. You get to know your teachers as well as getting to meet people from different backgrounds.” – Kelli from San Angelo, TX

“…the university itself is an historic landmark in the state texas, being the second oldest public institute. the university is the, ivy league of hbcus, your education will not be taken for granted. family- oriented, campus, you'll feel right at home.” – Panther

“…the recent change in collin turning into a 4 year university has helped the university and student reach a higher level of education. it has made it possible to become more prepared to transfer into a larger state university such as utd. overall the...” – Ernesto Plano, Tx

“…the brenham campus is small enough to walk but big enough to get plenty of exercise. there are many clubs available to join and there is always free fun things going on. they also have great helpful teachers that really do care about their students...” – Faith from Bellville, TX

“…this is a very good school. the professors are very helpful and willing to help you. there's is always something to do.” – Ariana from San Antonio, TX

“…south texas college is a good college for those who plan on transferring to a 4-year university. it's very affordable which puts an ease on the life of a college student. the classes are also small so it's easy to learn here.” – Myrabel from Mission, TX

“…stepping onto stephen f. austin state university's campus for the first time felt very welcoming and at home for me. it is a lovely, entertaining environment to be in for learning. it's a home away from home!” – Anel'e Hernandez from Cedar Hill, TX!

“…sac is offering so much more than what they first did when i attened in 2003. i love the fact that everything is spread out and doesnt seem so cluttered, and no one has to walk shoulder to shoulder like some colleges. also very clean!!!!” – Pearl from San Antonio, TX

“…this is a great university to attend it has a great tutoring department great professors ” – Leticia from Houston, TX

“…The University of Dallas is accepting of all kinds of people, and really challenges the students. There are plenty of opportunities to succeed and people who are willing to help you get there. The people here are extremely friendly and always looking...” – Julie from Golden Valley, MN

“…Houston Baptist is an excellent school. The professors know you by name, really care about you and want to see you succeed. It's small school so you get a lot of attention from your professors!” – Claudia from Missouri City, TX

“…Dallas Baptist University is a university that puts values student leadership. From academics, to relationships with Christ, to the workers, faculty, and classes, Dallas Baptist University values each student and member and offers every possible way...” – CHRISTINA from Austin, TX

“…Texas Wesleyan is a school beyond words. Their small selection of students provides comfort, help, and fun for everybody. Texas Wesleyan has an amazing team that will help freshman along their first year in college.” – Jeaneth from Fort Worth, TX

“…This college is affordable and you can get a good education here. I love the atmosphere and the classroom's. The professor's are very well educated as well. ” – Briana from Longview, TX

“…amarillo college is wonderful. the instructors are engaging and helpful. the classes are challenging, yet interesting. ” – Katharine from Amarillo, TX

“…Austin College is an amazing liberal arts school for students studying pre-med, psychology, or international relations. However, if you are not from a rich family, affording this school is very difficult and you will quickly find yourself...” – Lisa from Sherman, TX

“…great school. great facilities. great resources. ” – Randy from pasadena, TX

“…navarro is a well known that lives by it's model succeding together. it has made my self esteem higher, and made me know that i can do anything i put my mind to and always believe in myself. navarro also has made me a better person inside...” – Veronica from Saginaw, TX

“…a great college. i attended richland college directly out of high school in 1985, got sidetrack with marriage and starting a family, and now i am back. it is still the great professional college it was in 1985. ” – Sonya from Garland, TX

“…Texas College has shown me answers to many life questions. Students have the ability to contact their Professors 24/7. Its a population of a 1,000 which leads us to being a huge family.” – Monique from Milwaukee, WI

“…Wayland is a private university in a small 4-A Texas town. The reason I went with them though is because they helped along with everything from fininacial aide to getting my transcipts. They are also the only Texas school that offers wrestling.” – Mason from Plainview, TX

“…This school encourages you to pursue your career goals. The teachers are very helpful. The small environment encourages students to learn and get more face time with teachers.” – Jaslyn from Lubbock, TX

“…mary hardin-baylor is an exceptional school with passionate teachers and wonderful students. the university and staff base their teachings on faith-based learning. umhb is a great environment to grow as a student and a constructive member of society....” – Casey from Temple, TX

“…best school to stay connected with. where student opinion matters. life long learning environment that fosters the intellectual, psychological, physical, social, spiritual, and career development of students.” – Annabel from Edinburg, TX

“…The campus is very compact, with every class I'll need in only one or two buildings. The people are extremely friendly and ready to help you as necessary. Campus life seems fun and there apparently is never a dull moment.” – Zoe from Ransom Canyon, TX

“…just be willing to work hard, and every teacher will be willing to help you succeed. if you are looking for blow-off classes, then you are going to dislike some of the best teachers. they give you your money's worth, and is the best community college...” – Petra from West, TX

“…An incredibly beautiful school with a rich, proud history. Small, with attention payed to every student. A bit expensive, but well worth the money.” – Diana from Santa Fe, NM

“…ctc is a awesome school if you are looking for a degree. professors are of decent quality and facilities are nice. the best thing is the price of the courses is very low, around sixty dollars per credit hour.” – Taylor from Copperas Cove, TX

“…el centro helps their students reach success. with great professors and a friendly staff, it is a great school to be part of. the tutors, mentors, and advisory staff there are always helpful.” – Abigail from Dallas, TX

“…The staff here are great,very courteous and caring towards all. The students are well behaved and the cleanliness of the school is an A+.” – Marcela from Dallas, TX

“…mountain view college is affordable and has a quality about itself. this school holds a high expectation for all of it's students. this school even encourages every student to put their best foot forward.” – Edward from Dallas, TX

“…Good faculty, close to home, great programs.” – George from Amarillo, TX

Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, TX

“…del mar has great teachers who really care about education. the hometown atmosphere is amazing. this college is very affordable!” – Sara from Ingleside, TX

“…Palo Alto College is an excellent school, the professors there are very helpful and care about there students in achieving there goals and pushing them to make a better future for themselves. Palo Alto College has a great campus, very clean, very...” – Hector from San Antonio, TX

“…el paso community college is a great place to learn because the learning is more hands-on and personal. classes are usually available in different areas allowing less money on gas and more on educational materials. classes are also smaller allowing...” – Robin from El Paso, TX

“…As a high school Senior I have advanced my ranking with the help of Kilgore College dual credit courses from 17 to now ranked 4th in my graduating class, graduation May 25th. Kilgore College's help line and staff have been there to make any...” – Kadi from Gladewater, TX

“…If you are looking for a university where you will feel at home, this is where you should be. On my first campus tour I was addressed by everyone & given all the attention necessary. I was able to ask questions and get a better understanding of this...” – Lizbeth from San Antonio, TX

“…I have really enjoyed the nursing program in this school. They are willing to help students in every way possible. Being able to succeed in my everyday challenges has made me really enjoy the material taught.” – Alicia from North Richland Hills, TX

“…i love the small classes.the faculty is very helpful.its easy to move around campus.” – Ariana from Freeport, TX

“…don't knock it off because it is in laredo. quality education at a fraction of the price you would pay at a university. ” – Rudy from Laredo, TX

“…Temple College is a great start for students no matter how great or poor they did in high school. Not only is this community college cheaper for a student's first two years than an 4-year college, but it allows smaller classrooms so more instructor...” – Joshua from Rockdale, TX

Brookhaven College
Farmers Branch, TX

“…A diverse campus with many degree options. New science and health facilities offering accredited nursing program, EMS, radiology and a variety of other allied health careers. Faculty is stable and extremely dedicated to the success of their students....” – Carol from Duncanville, TX

“…Hardin-Simmons University is a dream come true for me. I can not imagine getting a degree in Physical Therapy from anywhere else. The staff and students are absolutely phenomenal and there is a place for everyone wishing to attend this college.” – Jayci from Sweetwater, TX

“…Concordia University has a killer nursing program! Everyone on campus is helpful, nice and the professors want you to succeed. The campus is also very beautiful with lots of trees.” – Austin, TX

“…this college has been a great experience. the professors at angelina have given me the tools i need to transfer to a 4 year university. enjoyed the experience that angelina has to offer. ” – James from Nacogdoches, TX

“…LeTourneau University is a very professional school. They make you work hard, lean a lot and have fun doing it. It is very hands on and the teachers go the extra mile to make sure you succeed at what you are doing in the LeTourneau Community and...” – Rebecca from Crestwood, KY

“…Midland College is a fun, easy and wonderful college. It was a very enjoyable experience and I am so happy to have the chance to go there for my first two years of college. It has given me what I need to prepare myself for a bigger university.” – Shelby from Midland, TX

“…Professional and resourceful staff. All information taught in class is accurate and applicable in today's world. Online classes have adequate study information, just as good as attending class!” – Susana from Seminole, TX

“…UTPB is a great college for students that come from large or small schools, but especially small schools. Everyone is friendly, and the courses are challenging, but possible to make a good grade in. For someone who doesn't want to be intimidated by a...” – Sydney from Big Spring, TX

“…Lee College's Honors Program is one of the top programs in the nation. Lee College continues to make academic history. Lee College is diverse, helpful, and will provide a stable foundation for the rest of my life.” – Hai from Baytown, TX

“…schreiner university is a great college to not only get an excellent education,but also become acquainted with other students and professors. the professors really care about your education and will do everything possible to help you along your road...” – Rheya from Cypress, TX

“…Taking courses at Northwest Vista College has been a pleasant experience for me so far. The staff have always been friendly and helpful. The tuition is inexpensive. ” – Me

“…A small university main purpose to better educate kids and send graduates off with a wide variety of opportunties to suceed in life.” – Shaniqua from Killeen, TX

“…It is a great school to start out at. All the staff and teachers are dedicated to helping every student at Victoria College succeed. I recommend Victoria College to every high school graduate ready to start college and make a difference!” – Heather from Victoria, TX

“…I am a student at Alvin community college, and I love being one.ACC has been ranked in the top 10 % twice in a row, I m glad something like this is only a mile away from my home. ” – Shayan from Alvin, TX

“…The school is on a beautiful campus that is very well maintained. The classes are strict and expect a lot from the students so the students can succeed down the road. The faculty takes care of the students and the school is a great atmosphere.” – Nelson from Austin, TX

“…Overall great campus ! Great activities. Everyone is helpful, nice, and glad that you're attending HPU ! ” – Alison from El Paso, TX

“…Wiley College is the place to be. This is the opportunity to learn about your history while becoming apart of history! Everyone can succeed at Wiley College!” – JASMINE from Dallas, TX

“…The staff is extremely helpful in finding the right class to fit your needs. The environment in which students are surrounded with is so supportive. The best experience ever!!!!!” – Claudia from Eagle Pass, TX

“…Jarvis Christian College is a historically black college. Traditional and hands on. Perfect for students who want the college experience without being on a big campus.” – Cameron from Dallas, TX

“…As with any university, you have good professors and those who are less than stellar. My classes are all online and sometimes the selection of online classes is limited. However, UHV is generally a really good school.” – Tammy from Roanoke, TX

“…The University is beautiful and full of life. It has a lot of historical value to it. I know I will enjoy my time here” – Christopher from Mission, TX

“…the students and staff at north lake are all eager to lend a helping hand to those around them, no matter the circumstances. the campus is very clean and beautiful, and students feel welcome and relaxed as they walk around. the students are well...” – Shauna from Lewisville, TX

“…i think its a amazing place to learn. it is really easy to get help at mcmurry. this college can help you reach your maxium potential.” – Malique from Hutto, TX

“…Great instructors who respond quickly with questions. Are understanding to software errors and keep in contact with there students. Very impressed with the quality education I am receiving!” – Stephanie from Dayton, OH

“…The campus is beautiful, especially in the spring semester. The faculty and staff are always attentive and taking an interest in each individual student. The classes are rigorous, but rewarding.” – Jerian from Kyle, TX

“…I have been attending since last spring and St. Philip's has overexceeded my expectations. The instructors are great and make themselves available for students. They offer some of the best degree programs for the medical field, which is my major.” – DM from San Antonio, TX

“…Hill College is a great way to start your college career if you are not sure what to do with your life. The education is great, the faculty and staff are polite and will help you. The rest of the students are friendly and make you feel comfortable....” – Jesus from Glen Rose, TX

“…Coastal Bend College has a great learning experience. The teachers are nice and the faculty is too. They have a lot of events that bring people together and get them talking!” – Christina from Houston, TX

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