Colleges in Minnesota (MN)

Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” actually has more than 11,000 bodies of water that are 10 acres or more. It’s also a place of extreme climates, experiencing hot summers and cold winters. With most of population residing in the Twin Cities (the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area), it’s not surprising that a number of colleges in Minnesota can be found clustered in this region. There are close to 200 higher education institutions in the State of Hockey, the majority being public or private not-for-profit. Hamline University is the oldest college in the state, while Carleton College is the most selective. Minnesota’s top industries include forestry, taconite mining, manufacturing, and agribusiness, primarily of sugar beets, sweet corn, green peas, and farm-raised turkeys. There’s also a notable high-technology sector, with many software companies calling this state home. The Mall of America, Gooseberry Falls State Park, and the Museum of Broadcasting are popular attractions.
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Saint Paul, MN

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