Colleges in Nevada (NV)

More than just the home of Las Vegas, there are 26 colleges in Nevada. A mix of public, private, and for-profit institutions, the Battle Born State is also home to a number of community colleges which can confer baccalaureate degrees. The colleges are clustered in the far south or upper north regions, where climates differ dramatically. The northern half of the state experiences long, cold winters, while the south’s are mild and short. The oldest college in the state is the University of Nevada in Reno, founded in 1874, and the same college claims the spot of “most selective,” as well. Tourism claims the top industry spot in the Silver State, but geothermal energy and gold mining are ranked highly, as well. The Las Vegas Strip and Bellagio are always prime locations for tourism, but the Great Basin National Park, Lake Tahoe, and the Hoover Dam are notable attractions, too.
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Henderson, NV
Incline Village, NV

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