Colleges in Wisconsin (WI)

A member of Midwestern and Great Lakes regions of the US, Wisconsin is known for its dairy production, namely, cheese. Despite that, it’s official nickname is “The Badger State,” a reference to the way lead miners in 1830s lived in what looked like “badger dens” as temporary housing. Wisconsin experiences regular, heavy snowfall in the winter and warm, humid summers. There are 85 colleges in Wisconsin, the oldest being Carroll University while the most selective is the University of Wisconsin. The Cheese State has two law schools and two medical schools, as well as several special-focus institutions. Wisconsin produces 40% of the US’ cheese and 20% of its butter, and this same state also produces the most paper, supporting the Badger State’s economy. While most know about the touristy Wisconsin Dells, “the waterpark capital of the world!”, there are a number of other attractions. The Land O’ Lakes region, Door County, and Taliesin East, Frank Lloyd Wright’s country home, are also places of interest in Wisconsin.
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La Crosse, WI
De Pere, WI
Ripon, WI
Ashland, WI

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