Colleges in Wyoming (WY)

Wyoming is in the western region of the US, but is drier and windier than most states. The summer climate is largely warm, although there is a rapid cooldown at night even in the hottest areas. Winters volleys between mild and extremely cold temperatures. Most of the colleges in Wyoming are public, with a single private institution and one that’s for-profit. There’s also a tribal college in Fort Washakie. The University of Wyoming was the first college in the state, and is also a land-grant university with the most selective admissions process. Often called “Cattle Country,” Wyoming’s economy is largely supported by agriculture. Beef cattle, hogs, sheep, and lambs are top revenue sources, along with crops, primarily hay, sugar beets, barley, dry beans, and wheat. Tourism plays a significant role in Wyoming’s economy, as well, especially Yellowstone National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, and Hot Springs State Park.
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Laramie, WY
Laramie, WY
Sheridan, WY
Powell, WY
Casper, WY

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