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American Jewish University Reviews

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    Campus Safety

    Securely nestled in the hills of Bel Air, AJU is well known for being a safe campus. Students feel free to be themselves. In the 47 years that they have been around, they have not had one incident where a student felt unsafe. I graduated, and started hearing many unfortunate things that happen at other schools. I am so grateful for the safety hub that AJU was. I always felt comfortable. They have their own on campus security, as well as security from the surrounding Bel Air residential area, and Stephen S Wise Temple across the street also keeps an eye out to protect AJU students.

    Greek Life

    Students at AJU get to make their college experiences their own. There is no Greek life for students, but I had friends who liked to party, and we always had opportunities to go to parties both that AJU friends were hosting, and parties that friends on other college campuses in the LA area were throwing, including those who were members of Greek Life. The great benefit of AJU is that you can always find opportunities to have fun, but it is never a distraction.

    Clubs and Activities

    Clubs I was a part of as a student, as President of the student body, and Organizational Chair were: Sandwiches for the Homeless TedxAJU Hiking Movie Club The Kindness Campaign Health and Health Awareness Week Human Rights Advocacy Psychology Club The American Medical Student Association at AJU Dance Club AJU Sangha- a Meditation Group Animal Rights Club Business Club AJU Play Production

    Great for these types of students

    The unique kind who are creative, kind, and want to learn about themselves. I didn't know what I wanted to be really, and AJU gave me the opportunity to change majors, to minor, and to take classes in different subjects. I learned about my spirituality, my interest in Art, Psychology, Biology, and I developed leadership skills that I still use to this day. I learned about mentorship and how to connect with people, which is very important to know in terms of marketing and growing in my career now. Ultimately, everybody is so kind and you learn to come out of your shell and to be a caring and kind person, too.

    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    Our mascot is Zion the Lion! And we have a meditation garden!

    Bang for the buck

    AJU offers a private school experience at the public school cost. Their motto is that if a student wants to come here, they will make it happen. This was true for me. The special attention I got, all of the wonderful things I got to do, and am now doing because of my experiences at AJU, the identity I learned to develop, and the friends I grew close with make it a remarkable and unparalleled college experience.

    What to do for fun

    Only twenty minutes from the beaches of Venice and the city life of L.A., there is always something fun to do. Our campus is nestled in the hills of Bel Air and so makes hiking a favorite activity for our students. Our Brandeis Bardein campus in Simi Valley is a hot spot for retreats and camps, as they have activities like horse-back riding, ropes-courses, swimming, and the arts. Every club at AJU gets sponsorship to host THEIR events and the activities that they want. Students can take their hobbies- from basketball, to film-making, to dance, and art, and easily put events on to their leisure. When I was a student, we went off campus a lot with a shuttle from the university that would take a large group of us to Hollywood Improv Shows, bonfires at the beach, and Westwood, and Universal Studios.

    Food and Dining

    AJU has an array of options for students Kosher, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and old-fashioned foodies alike. The options vary from Mexican style food, to Mediterranean, and Italian.

    Dorm Life

    As a resident Advisor, Organizational Chair of clubs on Campus, and President of my Student Body, I got to host a lot of fun events for students living both on and off campus! We went whale watching, had Improv Shows, Talent Shows, Dances and Galas, and even went horseback riding and played archery at the Simi Valley Brandeis Campus. The private bathtubs, showers, closets, and bedroom furniture don't hurt either. It was so nice to just come back to the dorm room (only a 5 minute walk away from the school campus), take a nice bath, and enjoy the million dollar views of the city.

    Academic Rigor

    AJU is well known for our prestigious faculty and department chairs. The professors care about what they are teaching, and their passion made learning fun and motivational. While the coursework is as rigorous as a larger university, the small class sizes of an average of 9 students allow students to get the help and personalized attention they need. My Biochemistry would spend hours out of her schedule to be sure that we were ready to take the Final, and I Aced it! Our students care about each other, and so, you don't get the sense of competition that students have with their peers. I heard that at other schools, students black out pages in their textbooks so that other students don't succeed. At AJU, not only is a textbook always available to you at no cost thanks to the teachers and library staff, but students work in teams to study and do well on their exams and papers. I managed a 3.9 GPA in my Psychology major and a 3.7 with a Biology and Bioethics major, but I also had a life! I also got to learn about important internship opportunities and was matched with successful people in my field thanks to the attention my professors gave me. Now, with only a Bachelor's degree, I am working with people who have their master's degrees and more to give counseling with them as a Para-Professional. I am on my way to accomplishing more of my dreams and my start at AJU has made it possible.

    Tips for prospective students

    Get to know your admissions team! When I was a student, my counselor took her time to talk to me, invite me for lunch, and even to introduce me to the chairs of the Psychology and the Biology and Bioethics majors! They made the experience so easy and accessible, and they kept in touch with me over the years that I was a student. Also, AJU is the kind of school you have to visit to believe. The caring and serene vibe on campus was unlike any other university I visited, which was why I ultimately chose AJU.

    In three sentences

    AJU is the perfect university for students who are interested in being treated as a whole person, not in getting lost as just a number. I grew not only educationally, but in character and integrity too as the academic programs all concentrate in ethics and social justice as well. The faculty and staff sincerely care about their students and give them opportunities to shine academically and excel in their extra-curricular internship and school council opportunities. I benefited from the connections students have at Cedars Sinai Hospital, presented research, was President of my Student Body, worked in the school library, graduated with Magna Cum Laude Honors, visited Israel, and thanks to the small class sizes and friendly environment, made friends for life.