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Atlantic Union College Reviews

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    Great for these types of students

    Its great for christian students, and Jewish students, particularly seventh day Adventists, since the school belongs to that organization. If you love have tons of worship services and want to be a pastor or priest its definitely worth checking out.

    Tips for prospective students

    The dorms are nothing spectacular, they are single sex only, guys dorm at one of the campus, girls dorm at the other, guys are not allowed to go into the girls dorm at all. Girls can go into the guys dorm lobby. Beware of the chapel credits. This school requires you attend so many worship services, if you fail to do so you will pay $20.00 for every worship service you are short of. If you decide to live on campus you will have to attend daily or semi daily worship services. If your a commuter you only need 20 per semester. Also if you are a commuter student or you have some unique circumstance you can go to student services and sign a waiver which will lower the number of worship services you need to attend. The cafeteria there is only 1, its located next to the girls dorm, the food is all vegetarian so if your a strict meat eater you probably should not go here. Also for those of you coming, make sure you register well ahead of the deadline, so many students wait until the last second and it gets unbelievably messy.

    Bang for the buck

    compared to other schools its pretty cheap, tuition is 16,000 per year. most private schools are in 20k+ range. since its cheap don't except a top notch education cause you wont be getting one.

    Am enjoying being here

    The atmosphere here is pretty friendly, but there are not a lot of clubs, or activities going on. There are no parties here, its a religious school so there are never any parties. It's also a small school so by the end of the year you will know EVERYONE. if you like the small town vibe you'll love it, if you love the city you'll hate it.

    Am learning a lot

    AUC has one of the best nursing programs in the northeast, so if you want to get into nursing, AUC is definitely an affordable choice for you. Most of my friends there are nursing majors, its hard but they manage to get through and most of them have plenty of dumb blonde moments. My older brother is doing pre-pharmacy/biology major. Its pretty challenging, he studies alot, and if he's not studying hes usually tutoring someone. Ricky is also a biology major, he's definitely not a genius or an idiot hes average but he seems to be getting by too. I'm a business major, its actually very easy, the teachers are unbelievably reasonable with class work, they'll make sure you don't get left behind in the class, but as a result of that i really haven't learned a lot. Not recommended for a business major who wants a challenging education.

  • Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Am enjoying being here

    It's a place to get closer to God. As a christian School, AUC offers great worship programs.

    Am learning a lot

    AUC is the best place to be. I would never go back home.