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Bennington College Reviews

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  • 07/16/2009

    Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Great for these types of students

    Anyone who is willing to work hard. No two students are the same at Bennington except in our desire to work ourselves to the limit. A Bennington education is not a cake walk, but the satisfaction of achievement is the most rewarding feeling you will ever have.

    Tips for prospective students

    Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Bennington likes to have a diverse student body, none of us are the same type of student. Really sell your unique qualities when you're applying. Make them see why you're a great addition to the school.

    Am enjoying being here

    From California down to Florida, students from all across the country attend Bennington. The student body is enthusiastic about college and about meeting new people. There is never a dull day here. Even the most shy people you've ever met can turn into a socialite here.

    Am learning a lot

    The first thing that made my jaw drop about Bennington was the faculty. They are real people who have made something of themselves in their field and have returned to college to see their skills blossom in the minds of the next generation. These are people who are here because they want you to learn what they have to teach.

  • 12/14/2009

    Reviewer is Accepted here and planning to attend soon. Reviewer has been to campus.

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    Will learn a lot

    Its amazing what Bennington Graduates are doing with themselves, if you look for it, you'll find Benningtonites everywhere. The grandpa from Little Miss Sunshine, authors everywhere, the woman who made twilight into a movie. The love interest in Igby goes down is set as a Bennington Student. For such a small school, its amazing how much the school has influenced my life, before i even knew it existed, let alone thought about attending myself.

  • 08/28/2011

    Reviewer is Researching this school. Reviewer has been to campus.

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    Great for these types of students

    Students who: -are very interested in the arts -are creative -are introspective -are laidback -are independent -care about the environment (there is a new building at Bennington called CAPA, which stands for Center for the Advancement of Public Action. CAPA was built using local materials and it is very environmentally-friendly. Additionally, the food served in the dining hall is locally grown. As you can see, Bennington College is very “green”) -are motivated and determined -love learning -are intelligent -like country/rural places -want more of a non-traditional college experience

    Tips for prospective students

    -If you are interested in Bennington College, visit! Schedule a tour and information session and sign up to sit in on a class. -Bennington College is a selective school, so make sure your grades are good, you take challenging high school courses, you do well on the SATs and/or the ACT (sending these scores to Bennington is optional, however), and you are dedicated to some extracurricular activities and volunteering. -If you don’t know what you want to major in, that is perfectly fine! You will get a lot of guidance from an advisor and a team of faculty members if you attend Bennington. -If you are going to apply, you can send Bennington some supplemental materials along with your application, essay, and letters of recommendation if you would like to. These supplemental materials could be a piece of artwork you made, a poem you wrote, a boardgame you made, or anything else that is your original work and that you think expresses you and your abilities. -If you apply, you should have an interview with someone from admissions. Interviews are strongly encouraged. If you live too far away to have an interview, you can contact Bennington and ask them to contact you if their representatives are ever in your area.

    Bang for the buck

    The tuition/fees and room/board costs of Bennington College are expensive; however, I think it is probably worth it. The academics, the resources, the guidance offered to students through the advisors, and the campus (very beautiful, by the way!) exceed many colleges. Additionally, the on-campus living situation at Bennington College is very nice: there are nice co-ed houses that house about 20-30 students each. Most freshmen and sophomores have either one or two roommates that they share their bedroom with, but most upperclassmen have their own room. In these houses, there are two small kitchens, several bathrooms, and a common area.

    Will enjoy being here

    If I was a student at Bennington College, I’m pretty sure I would enjoy being there. The academics and the faculty are great, plus there are a lot of opportunities for social and recreational events: there are clubs, there is a biannual roller disco, you can rent a bicycle at the library using your library card, you can go downtown and shop, you can cross-county ski on the fields in the winter, you can work on some art in VAPA (which is open 24/7), you can go to some events happening in VAPA (such as dance shows), you can relax and just read outside, etc.

    Will learn a lot

    I recently had a tour at Bennington College and I also attended an information session. The impression I got was that Bennington College offers students an amazing education for several reasons: 1. Students learn what they want to learn: Students are not required to take a certain number of general education classes. Rather, students take classes that they know they like, along with classes that they are not sure they like, classes they do not particularly like or do well in, and classes they have always been interested in taking but haven’t taken before. This allows students to really get to explore. 2. The faculty really helps students figure out what they want to do: Students work closely with advisors to figure out what drives their inquiry. I can't stress how important this is. 3. Field Work Term: Each winter, every student is required to complete a seven week long internship, known as a Field Work Term. The purpose of the Field Work Term is to give students the chance to test out what they are learning in college in the real world; that way, students don’t graduate from college and then find out that they hate their job. A Field Work Term is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, become more independent (students have to find a place to internship at and set it up. Although there is a Field Work Term Office to provide some guidance, students are mostly on their own), travel (you can go anywhere in the world!), develop skills in the workplace, and add to your résumé. Through a Field Work Term, students also learn how to make a résumé and a cover letter, both valuable skills to know. 4. You don’t have to get traditional grades: If you don’t want to receive traditional letter grades, you don’t have to. Instead, you can get grades in the form of written evaluation statements. If you want to receive both regular grades and written statements, you have that option, as well. 5. The classes are very small: classes range anywhere from 7 to 25 students. No class has more than 25 students, so students can really get to know their professors and learn through discussions rather than lectures. The professors, I was told, love to help students. 6. There are so many great resources on campus that add to the learning experience: There is a three-story library that has many books itself but is also involved with an interlibrary loan system with Williams College and another library. You can check out any book from the library, even art books. None of the books are too precious to take out. I was told that the librarians are very kind, thoughtful, and helpful: if they know you are taking a certain class next term, they sometimes get new books for you and show them to you, or if you know the librarians pretty well, they will sometimes recommend a book that they think you will love. Another great resource is the big building called VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts Center), a building dedicated to art in its many forms: painting, acting, architecture, metal-working, dance, music, etc.

  • 01/26/2012

    Reviewer is A current student here.

    7 out of 7 people found this review useful. 4 of 4

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    Campus Safety

    amazing! always, always there!

    Greek Life


    Clubs and Activities

    these are okay and there is a great effort to increase and improve clubs and activities on campus. there is an overwhelming amount of work that does not allow the school to create fully successful clubs and to hold fully successful activities.

    Great for these types of students

    laid-back, driven, outgoing, vivacious students who enjoy volunteering, traveling, working hard, nature, internships, and living away from industrial and urban cities.

    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    there are so many unique traditions on campus. bennington is irreplaceable, completely distinct from any other place in the world. visit the website:

    Bang for the buck

    the curriculum, the housing, the professors, and the lifestyle is priceless.

    What to do for fun

    go into town, party every single thursday, friday, and weekend. sit on the common lawn. visit a local pub, restaurant, shops, etc. go to massachusetts or new york city for the weekend! go to canda!

    Food and Dining

    many vegan and vegetarian options. best college food around. great variety.

    Dorm Life

    live either in a colonial, 70's style, or modern house, all equipped with their own kitchens, furnished bedrooms, common room, and mostly modern bathrooms. the architectural grandeur is present and students live well and comfortably.

    Academic Rigor

    very challenging curriculum that pushes students to explore undiscovered questions and theories.

    Tips for prospective students

    apply early action, schedule an interview with an admissions counselor, and make sure you show earnest interest in what you want to study/in the school.

    In three sentences

    bennington college is a place where intellectual development is highly and constantly encouraged. students are challenged using innovative ideas. the community is welcoming and close-knit.