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Crossroads College Reviews

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  • 01/23/2013

    Reviewer is A past student here.

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    Great for these types of students

    It's great for students in all walks of life. They have all age ranges attending from 18 - 80! It's great.

    What to do for fun

    Rochester is a large city with many fun things to do, from professional dancing lessons, fine dinning, to clubs, to great medical and fitness facilities.

    Food and Dining

    Unsure as I attend on-line, not on campus.

    Dorm Life

    Unsure as I didn't live in the dorms.

    Tips for prospective students

    Always be willing to voice your concerns to your professors as soon as you have them. If they do not address them do not be intimidated to take it up the chain, you are paying for your education and should have a voice if you're not getting what you pay for.

    In three sentences

    Crossroads is an understanding school that is always willing to work with it's students. They have great professors who are always available to their students. There are times where Crossroads professors have let me down and the Adult Studies Director has always been very open to feedback about those negative experiences.

  • 07/05/2012

    Reviewer is A current student here.

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    What to do for fun

    Movies, walmart, half priced apps at applebees. Volleyball, and other games on campus. The student center also offers things to do.

    Tips for prospective students

    Just because it's small - don't count it out! I almost did because I planned on going to a bigger school.

    In three sentences

    Crossroads is a great small private christian college! Great staff and students! Also great programs.

  • 12/28/2011

    Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Great for these types of students

    Crossroads is a great place for all students! Even students who planned on going to bigger colleges! I had been in big public schools my whole life, and going to a tiny private college had never been on my mind, but I love it! It just really depends on your major- if it's here then it could be for you!

    Tips for prospective students

    Don't count it out just because it is a small private school! I went on a tour with my dad, and when we saw how small the campus was, we were like whoa!. We continued on with the tour and talked with staff, and I knew it was the one. It is a special little treasure of a school.

    Bang for the buck

    The tuition is around $14,500, and with all added costs it is less than $20,000 - and being student here, it is a good bang your your buck! It is an accredited school, almost half the cost than other private schools like Bethel and Northwestern, and it has amazing professors. The staff here are amazing- professors invite you over for dinner, free hot chocolate randomly, and free lunches and dinners sometimes.

    Am enjoying being here

    I love it here! People who go here are pretty awesome, and the professors and staff are too! The financial aid offices goes above and beyond to help you, and the staff are always friendly. The housing is wonderful- we get our own rooms! There is so much to do in the Rochester area, and college life here is a blast!

    Am learning a lot

    I am learning a lot here! Not just academically either. College is also for learning about life and helping you grow as a person. Crossroads is doing both, and especially being a private Christian college, it is helping me to grow in my faith as well.