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Eastern Shore Community College Reviews

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    Campus Safety

    Campus is pretty safe. There's a few security guards that wander around.

    Great for these types of students

    Great for students who aren't quite ready to leave home and go off to a big college/university yet.

    Bang for the buck

    Pretty cheap; tuition pretty much depends on how many classes you're taking. Not too bad.

    What to do for fun

    Nothing much to do for fun..Me and my friends would take long walks around campus to entertain ourselves.

    Food and Dining

    ..There are vending machines but your best bet for food is to go out somewhere or order a pizza, etc.

    Dorm Life

    There are no dorms..

    Academic Rigor

    Pretty good!!

    Tips for prospective students

    Make sure you stay positive and try not to be rude to professors. If you're rude to them, don't expect much help. Stay on their good sides! Also make sure you keep up with your work and when dealing with financial aid, make sure you check and see that they have actually received your information about it. Never be shy about your class schedule if you don't like it - advisers are there to help you so meet with them if you aren't happy about something, or just need a friend. They are there to help you.

    In three sentences

    Eastern Shore Community College is really close and tight-knit. Everyone pretty much knows everyone and professors are extremely helpful. It's very small with a friendly bunch of students and faculty.

  • Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Great for these types of students

    Students who don't have a lot of money, students who came from small communities, students who like to work one on one with their teachers, students who don't want to take the SAT's, students of all ages, and students who are looking for an associates degree.

    Tips for prospective students

    Make sure you have plenty of time to study and don't overload yourself because if you do you won't be doing anything else except studying. It takes a lot of time and effort to get good grades and it's not all about partying.

    Bang for the buck

    I don't know what this means so I cannot review on this.

    Am enjoying being here

    Although the school is small, it's in a nice enviroment and is actually quite peaceful because of its size. I feel that I have the space to work on my assignments. I also feel safe here because everyone is so close by. I feel that they could add another room where students could hang out, and could add an atm and some more variety to the vending machines, then everything would be quite perfect.

    Am learning a lot

    I am currently taking 17 credits, which is a lot. However, I find that I am also learning a lot. My biology teacher is very informative and everyday I learn something new. Every teacher there is very helpful and willing to take time out of their day to assist you.