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Mercer University Campus Life

Campus Size

Medium-Sized Campus
Total Undergrads
Including 721 Part-time
Degree-Seeking Freshmen
Including 2 Part-time

Gender Breakdown:

62% Women
38% Men


NCAA Division I-AAA

Atlantic Sun Conference

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cross Country/Track

Total Varsity Sports


Men's sports coaches (Average salary: $63,171)
Women's sports coaches (Average salary: $64,689)
Athletics Details
Sport Varsity Men Varsity Women Club Intramural
Baseball 44 - - -
Basketball 15 14 - Yes
Beach Volleyball - 10 - -
Cheerleading/Dance Team 3 37 - -
Golf 12 8 - Yes
Lacrosse 43 - - -
Rifle 7 - - -
Soccer 26 23 Yes Yes
Softball - 20 - Yes
Tennis 8 8 - -
Track and Field, X-Country 10 20 - -
Volleyball - 15 Yes Yes
Cycling - - Yes -
Dance - - Yes -
Equestrian - - Yes -
Flag Football - - - Yes
Frisbee/Disc Sports - - Yes Yes
Martial Arts/Self Defense - - Yes -
Outdoor Fitness/Recreation - - Yes -
Swimming - - - Yes
Swimming and Diving - - Yes -
Table Tennis - - Yes Yes
Wrestling - - Yes -


Student Total
American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.5%
Asian/Pacific Islander 10.1%
Black/non-Hispanic 29.8%
Hispanic 4.2%
Non-resident alien 4.5%
Race/Ethnicity unknown 4.7%
Two or more races 1.9%
White/non-Hispanic 44.2%
Percent of students with disability 5%

Services & Housing

Services Offered
  • Academic/Career counseling
  • Employment services for current students to find part-time positions
  • Job placement for graduates to find full-time employment
  • Library on campus
  • On-Campus Housing
  • Meal plan offered, maximum 21 meals per week.

Clubs & Organizations

Musical Groups
  • Choral Groups
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Marching Band
  • Music Ensemble
  • Pep Band
Performance Arts
  • Dance
  • Drama Theater
  • Musical Theater
  • Opera
Journalism & Publications
  • Literary Magazine
  • Student Newspaper
  • Television Station
  • Radio Station
Reserved Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)
  • Army ROTC
  • International Student Organization
  • Student Government
  • Campus Ministries

Safety Statistics

Arrests On Campus
Illegal Weapons Possession 0
Drug Law Violation 1
Liquor Law Violation 1
Criminal Offenses On Campus
Personal Crime 1
Property Crime 7

Notable Alumni

  • Nancy Grace, News commentator
  • Steve Berry, Author
Reviews Dorm Life
  • Adelana from Duluth, GA
  • 4
  • Each of the resident advisors is spectacular and very easy to talk to for advice, help ,etc. The freshmen dorms are the worst on campus, however, they're not all that…

  • Read More
  • Kelsy from Tifton, GA
  • 3
  • The freshman dorms are not that great but they are liveable. I mostly use mine for sleeping as I'm in class, studying, or hanging out with friends for the…

  • Read More
  • Angela from Macon, GA
  • 5
  • The dorms may not be the best of the best, but there are always people around who like to goof off and have fun throughout the dorm halls.…

  • Read More
  • Mercer Student
  • 3
  • When talking about dorm life there are no better RA's than at Mercer. This being said, the freshmen dorms are not the best thing in the world. Do not fret…

  • Read More


Student Responses to Review Topic: Food And Dining
  • 4
  • Morgan from Hampstead, NH
  • I am researching this school and have visited the campus

    There are a lot of options for food, so everyone can be happy with what he or she is eating.

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  • 2
  • Student from Macon GA
  • I am a current student here

    I have been waiting for this one. This will have heavy, real detail about all dining areas. First, the cafeteria (The caf) is probably the most popular place to eat. The caf has stepped up their game in the past few years. Most of the time, the food is good. Fried Chicken Wednesday is the best. Expect moderately nice workers and pretty quick service. Now, if you really feel like wasting dining dollars or meal swipes, head over to the Farmers Market. Brand new this year. The workers have to work so hard that they are only open for lunch. The food is anything but decent. Most of the time, it is just a place for greeks to socialize. I don't get it, it's like a status thing. It is like a scaled down caf with bad food. The UC Food Court is next on the list. The UC food court can be good. Notice I said 'CAN'. That translates to around 5% of the time. Let's start with Subway. The workers never want to make your sandwich, EVER. EXTREME laziness plagues the UC Food Court. Plan to bring your own knife because your footlong will never be cut all the way through. I am not exaggerating. Burger Studio is another pointless restaurant that is placed within the food court. It is a grill that sells over-priced caf burgers that are usually not made correctly. It takes forever to get your burger, so long story short, it is not worth the wait.Chick-fil-A: everyone's favorite. So, you see a sign that says the UC food court closes at ten. Well, Chick-fil-A closes anytime between 7PM and 9PM. The workers make roughly 150 sandwiches and place them in the chutes for hours. When they run out, THEY CLOSE. It is beyond me, but I have my own reasoning behind it. The ARAMARK workers that were hired are of the laziest people in existence. Also, during peak hours the lines are extremely long. So either steal or wait 15-30 minutes. Use your judgement. Last but not least, Einstein Bros Bagels. The cream of the crop on campus. The workers here are plagued with extreme laziness and lack of care. If you want a bagel after your 9AM, expect to be late to your 11AM. That is how long it takes to get a bagel with cream cheese. No exaggeration. And also, expect your order to be wrong. Like for instance, expect your bacon, egg and cheese to be prepared with no bacon. You notice this after you bite into it. So at all of the dining areas (except the caf), expect to see the workers texting, talking, or simply not caring at all about you.

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  • 3
  • Maria from TN
  • I am researching this school and have visited the campus

    The food would probably get rather boring, but my admissions assistant, who was giving me the tour, said they're opening up some sort of farmers market thing soon, I believe.

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  • 3
  • Jabria from Lithonia, GA
  • I am a current student here

    The cafeteria serves all meals of the day and has a variety of options for any eater. The University Center also has a food court with fast food places that are good for quicker food. Overall, just try not to be too picky and be willing to try some new things.

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  • 2
  • Adelana from Duluth, GA
  • I am a current student here

    The food is supplied by Aramark and is usually bland and lacking in variety. I am never eager to eat in the cafeteria. The University Center has Chick-Fil-A, Subway, and Burger Studio along with rice bowls and some sushi. The Chick-Fil-A here is bad, and the employees tend to be students.

    Read More
  • 3
  • Josie from Epworth, GA
  • I am a current student here

    There are always 5 or more options in the cafeteria available to students everyday. If you choose to go elsewhere, we also have a few restaurants on campus such as burger studio, chick fil a, and subway.

    Read More
  • 5
  • Jennifer from Fitzgerald, GA
  • I am a current student here

    The Caf and the University Center are the two places on campus we can use our bear cards. We can use dining dollars at the University Center which has Subway, Chick-Fil-A, and Burger Studio. The Caf has awesome food and their breakfast is my favorite. The food is wonderful and the staff are always nice.

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Student Responses to Review Topic: Greek Life
  • 0
  • Student from Macon GA
  • I am a current student here

    Here it is; it is time. Greek Life at Mercer makes absolutely no sense to me, especially for men. The school is so small. The campus consists of a Greek Row in which all of the houses are built the exact same. There are four srats compared to eight frats on campus. The frats on campus are hysterical. Since Mercer is so small, there is no tradition for frats to choose based off of their criteria. If you show up and are not a total blank, expect to get a bid. All Mercer frats are in it for the money. The more the merrier. They will give anyone a bid. Some frats cannot even fill their own house up. If you have no ability to make friends or no ability to even speak to a human, just join a frat! They will be your friends, my bad, I mean brothers, forever. When people go greek, usually mommy and daddy will pay their way considering they are probably already paying the $48k tuition as well. The women in greek life at Mercer are of the most basic women I have ever met in my entire life. A conversation consists of one simple question, Are you greek? If you answer no, consider yourself cold-shouldered and never talked to again. If you join a frat the next day, well then it is a different story. That is how weak Mercer Greek Life is. Go to an SEC or an ACC school and then you will see true Greek Life. Greeks are so secluded from non-greeks at Mercer that a greek actually told me, I do not associate with GDIs. Literally, word for word, that is what came out of his mouth. I laughed and immediately left the table. The intelligence level is not there. There is one non-greek person I know of who has broken the laws of society and actually dates a greek. He is considered a God. The woman he dates is not basic, however. She is a unique one.

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  • 0
  • Shelley from Dacula, GA
  • I am a current student here

    Our Greek Life thrives and loves one another deeply. We do not have the atmosphere that you would see portrayed in the movies. I love all my Panhellenic Sisters!

    Read More
  • 0
  • Beth from Waynesboro, GA
  • I am a current student here

    I personally love Greek Life at Mercer. It is much more laid back than at some bigger state colleges. Friendships among the Greek community are the best.

    Read More
  • 0
  • Joshua from Lawrenceville, GA
  • I am a current student here

    The Greek Life on campus keep to themselves for the most part. There are times in the year, during the first semester, when the white fraternities and sororities hold their bid days when new members are brought in. The black fraternities and sororities keep to themselves, but throw some good parties. Also, when they bring in new people to their societies, they hold large events to show who those people to the school.

    Read More
  • 0
  • Destiny
  • I am researching this school and have visited the campus

    Greek life isn't for me but I know people involved in it and I've seen that it's not all fun and games. It has it's serious moments. They also are really involved in the community. That's one thing about Mercer: by the time you leave, you will have participated in some community service project. Although it is said to be a dry campus, alcohol is kind of easily accessible soooo.. It really varies person to person on that. I haven't observed any craaazzzyy drinking parties but I'm sure it happens

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