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Mid-Plains Community College Reviews

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    Campus Safety

    Too good. Not only is there cameras in the dorms, but we have RA's who do rounds at night AND a security guard that comes every single night to watch cameras and review them from about 8pm to 9am.

    Greek Life

    Weak, I think maybe 6 people were in the only Greek thing they offered. And they were kind of nerds (no offense).

    Clubs and Activities

    Men and women's basketball teams and a women's softball team are the only intercollegiate sports. But intramurals are pretty fun too: dodgeball, volleyball, sand volleyball, kickball, football, soccer. Not that many but there aren't many who participate either.

    Bang for the buck

    If all you want to do is get your Gen-Ed's out of the way and save a ton of money, it's perfect. Dorms are really nice and it's only like $75 per credit hour! Just be aware activities are minimal.

    What to do for fun

    Party secretly in the dorms. Find parties elsewhere. I'm an athlete so we really just hang out with the men's basketball team. Really nothing to do.

    Food and Dining

    The food has never made me sick, but a lot of my friends have gotten sick and refuse to eat in the caf. Plus the selection sucks.

    Dorm Life

    The athletic teams are grouped on the same floor in separate dorms. There are 3 pods and the rooms are great- more like apartments. But really a boring environment if you don't make friends. Also there is curfew every night: weekdays= 1am; weekends= 2am. This is when the opposite sex must leave.

    Academic Rigor

    Classes are crazy easy. Like if you turn in all your assignments in most courses you'll get at least a C.

    Tips for prospective students

    Sign up for the general classes early- they load up quick. Make sure you check to make sure the classes you take are transferable because a lot are not.

    In three sentences

    Classes are ridiculously easy and class sizes are small. Teachers will invest time into you very similar to in high school. Little to do for fun in the area.

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    Bang for the buck

    I really enjoyed learning and even if it doesn't transfer it gives you a background into a 4 year college that will allow you to stand out in all your classes and do a good job while getting good grades.

    Am enjoying being here

    I have made quite a few friends. Everyone has that small town attitude.

    Am learning a lot

    I am learning a lot in all of my classes. They go beyond what a standard teacher would do and explain it in detail.

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    Great for these types of students

    Independent, all ages, foreigners, basically anyone who wants to learn.

    Tips for prospective students

    *It's open admissions, you apply, you get in, just pay your tuition bills like a respectable student. *Really think about your options, you're not going to get by if you hate the college you attend or if you just don't do the work. *Beware of dorms on MPCC they are loud almost every night, especially when games are being held as the field is right across the parking lot.

    Bang for the buck

    It's definitely cheaper than other colleges, especially if you're just going to get basics here for a year or two and then transfer out.

    Am enjoying being here

    I like the NPCC south campus, the MPCC is okay too. The people are over all just people, some are nice and some are mean. You can usually tell when someone isn't friendly. Personally, I stay to myself but there's always two people you can talk with in class when you want.

    Am learning a lot

    Even though it's a community college and some of the teachers are boring, there's still others that make an impact. You need to spend time on campus and figure out which teachers are the good ones so you don't get stuck in a going no-where class.