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Northeast Catholic College Reviews

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  • 12/08/2015

    Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Campus Safety

    You are on a Mountain in the middle of know were....just think about that.

    Greek Life

    It's more of a LATIN LIFE, because all the students MUST take Latin so we all joke about it.

    Clubs and Activities


    Great for these types of students

    Students that are not comfortable with a large campus or are afraid to pass through college unknown. The School is so small that everyone knows everyone. Also for people who are mindless zombies that don't mind being told what they can and can't-do.

    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    We have this thing called: Campus Service, Kitchen Service, Dorm Cleaning, and Common Room Cleaning. So essentially YOU clean the school. And while that may discourage some people, this is what actually keeps this college so affordable, and looking nice. However, this sucks because people will not do the work pile it all on you.

    Bang for the buck

    For the amount that I'm paying I should not be putting up with this shhh.

    What to do for fun

    Um.....HW? And a movie if I feel like procrastination. But seriously, their is so much work you forget what free time is.

    Food and Dining

    The food is OK, generally you will eat the same 14 meals in a different order. However the weekends are a bit more unpredictable, this is due to the fact that on the weekends they have students that cook (in other words you are at the mercy of a student).

    Dorm Life

    The girl's dorms are slightly crowded simply because of a number of girls we have to guys. So expect to the dorm with at least three other girls ( there are usually 4 girls to a room) and whether you like them or not you are stuck with them. On that note, if your roommate is stealing things or long-term borrowing don't expect Student Life to do anything about it, the most they will do is sit everyone down and talk about it. Which as we know, does nothing. Also, you have to be back in the residence hall by midnight or they will search high and low to find you; which then results in you getting fined and getting put on probation.

    Academic Rigor

    You will have a Socratic seminar in every class, so you MUST read the readings in order to participate and have a discussion on them. The teachers also don't care about the students and their struggles so if you have any struggles learning don't come here, they are not accommodating to special needs AT ALL.

    Tips for prospective students

    Try to visit the college before you diced to attend. I know that judging by the tiny amount of people that look into this college, and just the small amount of students we have here tells people that we are a small school. But until you are actually on Campus, people don't realize how small and isolated this place is. And on that note, it would be in your best interest to come with a car, so you can come and go as you please. However, if you have a car expect people asking you if they can tag along in order to get off this deserted rock. Also, the students here are super judgemental and don't care about any of your stuff so most of your stuff will get stolen or broken.

    In three sentences

    A small Catholic college that focuses on incorporating the faith into modern day application ( in the traditional sense [i.e. Pro-life, Anti-Homosexuality]). They have Mass on the campus, in our small chapel, every day for the students that wish to attend [But you don't have to be Catholic to just makes more sense if you are...]. Also, both the teachers and staff do not care what you have to say and are not willing to help you with any difficulties. Lastly, this place is a totalitarian dictatorship so unless you want to be controlled in every aspect of your life DO NOT COME HERE.