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Providence Christian College Reviews

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    Clubs and Activities

    Can be very iffy in terms of whether the club actually does anything or actually meets

    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    There are a lot of school events at professors' homes right across the street and most people are at least friendly acquaintances with their teachers. A lot of students and teachers are fast friends and spend a lot of time together outside of class.

    Food and Dining

    The food sometimes is obviously made from precooked and/or frozen food. I like it but a lot of other people really don't because it can be pretty greasy. But there is a lot of stuff here that I wouldn't eat at home and a decent number of alternatives if the main dish doesn't interest you. The Mexican food and the burgers are the most reliable choices.

    Dorm Life

    Be warned, the dorm called Townsend is divided into quads and the social life is more broken up into little bubbles as a result. The Aylward dorm has long halls and you can easily knock on anyone's door. The social life there is a lot better.

    Academic Rigor

    The biblical studies and biblical languages concentrations are the most rigorous. The other classes may be almost as rigorous without a lot of writing on paper to show for it. Others are taught by adjunct professors who come and go relatively frequently and may be bland because of that or just the fact it is an unpopular subject for students at schools in general, like statistics. The history teacher is bad at making the material interesting, is pretty hands-off, and not a big expert in things outside of church history, so the history concentration is weaker now compared to when I showed up.

    Tips for prospective students

    Be prepared for things to change even before you start classes. Expect a small-town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone and people genuinely care about their neighbors a lot of times. In some ways it is like high school, but there are fewer homework assignments (not necessarily smaller). A lot of the time your motivation will determine whether you learn anything in the absence of tests and busy work.

    In three sentences

    Providence is almost like a church or a family in some ways. Because of its small size, there are a lot of bonds with other students and even bridging the gap between athletes and traditional students. It is a great place to learn for people who don't have a clear, easy-to-classify career in mind and for people who haven't made up their minds yet.

  • Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Clubs and Activities

    There is always something to be a part of. Our Student Senate members make sure to have weekend activities throughout the year and there are several clubs to choose from, such as Drama, Evangelism, Sign Language, Dance, and more.

    Great for these types of students

    This college is great for students who want a more intimate, community-centered college experience. It is also great for students who want to strengthen their Christian faith. This college will also provide for students who want to apply what they are learning in the classroom before they graduate.

    What to do for fun

    There is so much to do in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area. You can head to the coast for a day at the beach or you can head for the mountains. There are many museums to visit as well: The Getty, The Huntington, and the Norton Simon (free for students). There is also an assortment of restaurants to choose from.

    Dorm Life

    The dorms are so much fun to live in. We have a very small student body, with the boys living all together on the bottom floor and the girls living all together on the top. Community is very important to us and is successfully achieved by having just one hallway for each floor.

    Academic Rigor

    Student at Providence are held to a high academic standard and the homework load is certainly not light. But that is not a bad thing and not something to be afraid of. If anything, we are ensured that we are getting a quality education and that our professors sincerely care about how we are doing. And if you are having trouble in class, our professors are approachable and will be more than happy to help. They want all of their students to succeed.