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St. Thomas University Reviews

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  • Reviewer is Researching this school. Reviewer has not been to campus.

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    In three sentences

    Going to college in Canada sounds pretty interesting. I'm not sure why it's called SAINT Thomas University though. Is it Catholic?

  • Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Great for these types of students

    Students who like a; Smaller class setting (the first year courses tend to be a bit more crowded that upper year courses, but they never exceed 50 or so. You will never lost in a sea of strange faces), and a semi tight- knit community will love it here! The more you get out of your dorm room the more faces you'll meet and the more people you'll recognize and get to know. It's very easy to make friends so you'll never have to worry about being a loner, but if alone is what you want you can easily do that as well whether it be for some study time (There is a study hall available for use for as late at 11PM on most days) or just some much needed down time.

    Tips for prospective students

    1. Make sure that a Liberal Arts education is what you're looking for. If you're someone who just wants to go off to university, take remedial courses and do exactly what that school tells you to do and take what they tell you to take right off the bat (i.e. Math, English, History, Science) all in your first year then I wouldn't suggest STU. The first year here is meant to be a year where, as a new student, you can take whatever courses you want. This is especially good for someone who doesn't know exactly what they want to do because you can get a feel for everything before making a final decision. 2. Come up for a visit before deciding that this is the school for you. Even if you feel completely sure that it is. If you're not from Canada, it may be hard to do so, but if you can't do that talk to some of the students that currently attend. There are various Facebook pages in addition to the STU website ( that can easily connect you to anyone on campus. It doesn't have to be a school administrator. 3. (If you are an international student) Secure funds! Make sure you can afford to come here. There are various grants and bursaries that STU gives out so keep a look out for them. The first few come right in the application package which you can either request or download and print right off the website.

    Bang for the buck

    As an international student I do pay a bit more than a student who is a Canadian Citizen, but for everything that my paying the extra for covers, it seems more than worth it.

    Am enjoying being here

    From the moment I stepped foot onto campus (which was at around midnight) I was; warmly greeted by fellow freshman who helped me into the building, the residence advisers are (for the most part) very helpful, and the atmosphere is amazing! There's always something to do you just have to make sure you look out for it! Always check your STU e-mail or take a glance at the bulletin boards in every building, or even on the back of the bathroom stall doors. They're always very informative and offer up a lot of information on volunteering, open job positions on campus or just something to do on the odd Tuesday night.

    Am learning a lot

    I am currently only a freshman, so I haven't been attending STU for very long, but the Prof.'s that I have encountered have all been incredibly friendly and more than supportive. They're always willing to go the extra step and take time out of their own lives to help and assist you so that you better understand. There's no need to ever feel lost and confused. If you do ever feel that way there is Peer Tutoring, Academic Advisers, and a writing Center to assist you with your writing skills. They are all covered by your tuition.