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The General Theological Seminary Reviews

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  • Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Campus Safety

    The campus is gated and very safe.

    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    The liturgy and rituals are different for anyone who is not an episcopalian, but if you are then you will feel completely comfortable.

    Food and Dining

    The food is excellent.

    Dorm Life

    There is community when you want it, and there is solitude if you need it. The housing doesn't feel like dorms, but small apartments.

    Academic Rigor

    Some of the best lectures I have ever sat in.

    In three sentences

    This school has been a refuge of Christian communtiy in a crazy city like New York City. The lectures are high quality, and the chapels are beautiful. It's one of the most peaceful places in NYC, and I highly recommend it.

  • Reviewer is A past student here.

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    Campus Safety

    The doors locked but anyone could get onto the campus. And there are the new apartments that overlook the closed in campus. Does not feel safe.

    Greek Life


    Clubs and Activities

    Many but they do almost nothing

    Great for these types of students

    White, cookie cutter, typical anglicans - no one out of the ordinary or of different backgrounds. No creative people need apply. Gays are very welcome but not transgender

    Bang for the buck

    There is nothing I can say that can sufficiently explain just how bad this school is or how horrible my experiences were. Special needs assistance is nonexistant. I have ADHD and the way one professor spoke of it. They talk big but do not follow through. I was suddenly dismissed midway through my second semester with no real explanation and what I was given whoever saw it said I was being discriminated against - including a staff member. I was given 48 hours to leave. I ended up homeless and destitute. When a Christian school leaves a student on the street there is something wrong going on

    What to do for fun

    Nothing. Really. You do have the city around you but dont expect to do much on the campus. Almost nothing going on.

    Food and Dining

    They managed to sneak their way out of providing us with the promised free breakfast to coffee and donuts. There is only lunch. Very little variety. And if you have special food needs, ie diabetic, basically don't expect to eat. Plus the cost - you could eat cheaper if you went out to a restuarant every day instead. Not worth it and yet mandatory.

    Dorm Life

    Gossip is the way of life around here. I came from a life without it and it tore me apart. And then there are the bugs which I complained about multiple times but other than a few traps nothing was done about it. The doors that stick and almost broke my key that again no matter the complaints nothing was done about. And the windows that are ancient and so drafty it was almost like they were not there.

    Academic Rigor

    A joke. If you are serious about the ministry do not waste your time here. They live in their own little world and you learn nothing practical. In addition their idea of Christian Community is frightening. To start with - all the gossip.

    Tips for prospective students

    Simply do not go to this school. They talk about caring for the students and wanting them to succeed and even seem to be that way when you first apply and are considering it. I know. I experienced it. But once I was there . . . go to yale, go to Harvard, go to EDS, anything but here.

    In three sentences

    Do not go to this school. Terrible, terrible, terrible school.