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Trinity College Dublin Reviews

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  • 07/28/2016

    Reviewer is Researching this school. Reviewer has not been to campus.

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    Campus Safety

    i've watched a variety of videos on whether living in dublin is safe or not, and based on everything i've heard and read, dublin sounds indeed safe. the nightlife is vibrant, and the streets are usually occupied with people so no one with bad intentions can really try anything. one of the youtubers i watched mentioned that people in dublin are very open minded and outspoken, they say what's on their mind, but not in the rude sort of way, they're very accepting. that said, there are villains and dangerous people everywhere, so do not be too optimistic in your stay. (not important, but for some reason this site does not allow capitalization, so that's why my letters are not capitalized)

    Clubs and Activities

    tcd has about 140 societies, the size vary enormously and is sometimes difficult to determine exactly how many students are in each society, but smaller groups has about 50-40 members. one of the societies is the university philosophical society, founded in 1683, the group has a history of debating and paper reading. another society is the college historical society, founded in 1770, they also do a lot of debating. the clubs are mainly sport clubs, one of the clubs include students' union, they fund the newspaper called the university times, and other clubs are either traditional or about beliefs.

    Great for these types of students

    additionally to my readings of former and current tcd student's words, the college is a place to find yourself, a place for students who like to have a good time but also know when it's time to work, a thing every student should adopt before college. if you are not independent, and do not know how to help yourself, then trinity is not for you, because, as i've mentioned, there will be a lot of independent studies and self teaching. if your motive for college is to party everyday and join sororities, this college is most likely not for you. i am not saying that every tcd student is a boring zombie who does nothing but study and drool on textbooks because that is the exact opposite, they all seem like free spirited, intelligent individuals, i am saying that they are also very confident, and that is because they did not come to party everyday and join sororities.

    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    i've looked at some of the things some tcd students have to say, and i know that there are secret locations they visit on campus for fun, and i, of course, cannot give this away, so just for the adventure of it, let your curiosity for where or what this place might be, lure you into the calling, ancient grounds of trinity to find out for yourself.

    What to do for fun

    again, this is dublin, there are countless things to do, some of them include going to see the douglas hyde gallery, the origin of the name, i believe, is one of tcd's notable alumni. there is the the book of kells and the old library exhibitions, first lady obama and travelers all over the world come to see the book of kells, so imagine going to the school where it exists. there is the historical walking tours of dublin, trinity college dublin itself is art, the trinity ball, the kilkenny shop, the irish whiskey museum, kc peaches and wine cave, national museum of ireland, the bookshop called read's, grafton street, st. stephen's green, great for a romantic picnic or a date, st. patrick's eye-catching cathedral, nights of terror dracula ghost tour, in honor of the college's alumni and author of dracula, bram stoker, tcd's library is the largest research library in ireland, containing about five million books, paradise for us readers.

    Food and Dining

    this is europe, this is ireland, this is dublin, so have every hope that the food will be great. in the school compound, there is "the buttery food court" not far located from the school, the place is said to have a wide range of food choices and a great place to meet and catch up with friends. there is "lavazza and the arts cafe" said to offer a sumptuous range or quality coffee for you coffee addicts, teas and hot chocolate for snowy mornings, sandwiches, pastries, and grab and go offers. the "hamilton restaurant", "dining hall student buffet", and many more great places, especially if you live off campus, to quench your appetite.

    Dorm Life

    i cannot really give a personal opinion on how the dorms are, but i can very well assume that it is better than most colleges, judging from tcd's towering, and attractive campus. according to the college's accommodation website there are standard rooms, which contains shared kitchen and bathroom facilities with network connection, tvs are available, and a few other types of rooms. to find out more, search up "trinity college dublin accommodation" on google, a link should appear.

    Academic Rigor

    i have not personally studied at trinity as i am going into my high school junior year, but from what i've researched, trinity is ireland's top ranked university and the only irish university to make it into the world's top 100 universities as of 2013/2014. and some of their notable alumni are jack gleeson, actor best known for his portrayal of joffrey baratheon in the best show in tv history, game of thrones, d.b weiss, author, screenwriter, and producer and director of game of thrones, oscar wilde, playwright and poet, edmund burke, philosopher and political theorist, ernest walton, and many others who've helped sky rocket trinity's reputation, so imagine studying at tcd and becoming one of those notable alumni.

    Tips for prospective students

    first and most important, keep in mind that this is college. teachers will not be stopping class every minute to guide your confused mind into comfort. the language in which will be used in the teaching process will be much more advanced, in other words, raid the dictionary before coming into the campus, for the sake of avoiding being glued to the sentence said twenty minutes ago, still trying to make sense of what exactly it meant. if you are a junior, this is the year to be on fire. fortunately, trinity's minimum gpa acceptance is 3.30, so imagine being a 4.0 student, they would gladly take you into their castle-like, luxurious campus. and lastly, understand that one of their alumni is bram stoker, writer of dracula, obviously trinity taught him well, a thing, if you are, like me, an aspiring author, to be intrigued and inspired by, and therefore, trinity expects every student, as their online application indicates, to have something to offer other than academic excellence.

    In three sentences

    as of what i've read in my researches, trinity is determined to make sure that each and every student is successful, whether it be at finding a place of acceptance within, or at the end of those crucial four years. the collage, in support and understanding that every new undergraduate's main intent for college is to be optimistically independent, makes it a requirement, if the student's motive is excellence, to do a lot of independent study and self teaching, considering students have only two contact hours per class. and, additionally to the independent study, students have described the experience as the most important lesson trinity has taught them, confidence in their own abilities to research and think for themselves.

  • 08/20/2015

    Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Tips for prospective students

    Get involved in college life. Get to know the city.

    In three sentences

    Supportive academics. Vibrant society life. Great location.