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  • HBCU
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4 Year
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Small city
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Fall Regular Decision July 1
Spring Regular Decision November 1
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Average ACT Composite: 15
Average SAT Composite: 849
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 866-579-3498
For International Student Services: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

3.88 Average Rating
If you don't want to go to a school in a small city then this is not the school for you. Also if your from a big city and you attend Albany, just try to enjoy it. Don't judge the school because Albany (the city) is small. Its not going to be like if you went to a big city school. But Albany is fun and you will enjoy it even if its in a small city. Also if your planning on attending ASU and you got your packet. Make sure you turn your stuff in on time. Including dorms. Because the dorms are first come first serve. So if you turn them in late your not going to get one of the nicer dorms. Also you need to study and go to class. Its fun to party but too much parting can cause you to lose focus and then you will end up failing. So i advise you to study before partying.
Camille from Columbus, GA
The most helpful tip I c an give by experience, is to STAY FOCUSED. Being away from home means no parents telling you when to be in or what to do. It is your responsibility to stay focused and not lose sight of the bigger picture. That is earning your degree. I'm not saying don't party... just know how to balance parties,studies,eating and sleeping.
ikhaeer from Jonesboro, GA
This is a good school, with a lot of fun people to be around. When you come to college focus on school, but remember to also have fun, get involved and make friends.
Marisa from Ellenwood, GA
Albany is a small city so it can take some time to get used to if your not from a small city yourself. It can get cold during late November and early December so please be prepared. Also, you must have transportation because most places are not walking distance.
Lanice from East Point, GA
For all students planning to enroll at ASU make sure you have developed great study habits and are coming here to earn a degree not just to party because if your priorities are not in line you will fail and it is very hard to bring your gpa back up.
Shanika from Macon, GA
Apply on-time and meet all deadlines. Do not procrastinate and make sure you have done your part completely. Getting into college is about team work. Half of the work is meant to be done by you the student and the other 50% is meant to be done by the school. The most important part is your part. You ae the one trying to get into the school therefor you must do all the things required of you for the school to assist you any further.
Jessica from Albany, GA
You are never to judge a book by its cover. ASU has its good and its bad. Albany is a small city, so if your use to big cities, make the best of it. Reminder that it is an HBCU and sometimes they move very slow(particularly financial aide). Just do your part in turning in all of your paperwork on time. However in terms of education, it is the student that makes the school, not the school that makes the student. There is no excuse to fail. They offer tutors on top of tutors. They have a program in the library(CETLA) it is the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Advising. Just keep in mind why you came to college,and all else will follow.
College is like a test. Everything you learn and go through in college will prepare you for the real world. I have not always been a person who believe in doing my best. Once I realized how to succeed in life, I became more motivated to do my best in college. Future leaders of America, its not always about where you are from or how smart you are. Its about your sacrifice and determination to succeed. Know what you want in life and dont let anyone stop you from achieving those goals. If you can keep your priorities clear, you will succeed. Never forget to help others in need. You will be blessed.
Cornelius from Decatur, GA
Always go to class, be alert and don't be afraid to go and ask questions when needed. Whenyou having problems, go directly to the source and handle what you need to be done.
Deandra from Covington, GA
1) Don't be nervous. The upperclassmen are very friendly and helpful
2) Don't be shy. Like I said most people there are chill.
3) Get to know your professors and your advisors
4) Avoid anything before 9 a.m.
5) Try to take at least 15 hours per semester if you're not planning on doing summer school, otherwise you can get away with 12.
6) It's a party town. Don't try to go out every night. There will always be another party.
7) Procrastination will have you crying at 3 a.m. Do the work ahead of time
8) Be yourself.
Kilah bio kid