American Samoa Community College
Pago Pago, AS, USA


American Samoa Community College
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Aska from American Samoa

a past student here
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In three sentences
The school was the best. Things we learn here are way beyond the hardest. Kids are fun to hang out with.
Tips for prospective students
Pay as much attention to the teachers as well as completing given assignments.
Academic Rigor
ASCC, is the best i ever had. Subjects learned here is no different from what is learned at the states.
Dorm Life
This school don't provide dorms for student. Since its on our island so apparently, we get to sleep tight at home. But i wonder when we have a dorm kids would be partying every night long.
Food and Dining
ASCC, provides a cafeteria and it charges food. So lucky if someone has money to buy them lunch. I don't like eating that much since I'm skinny so i just like keeping my appetite.
What to do for fun
I play games with my friends or my youngsters. And sometimes read books whenever i get bored.
Bang for the buck
I am always confused on money to pay for my tuition and fees. But i actually work myself in factories that is close to my place such as a store to get little money for whatever needed to be done in school.
I was on financial aid suspension, however I'm trying to work my way up to pay this whole amount and get back to college at ASCC. Right now i am schooling online at Everest college, Arizona.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Most likely the island is full of religious somehow people enrolled are the most spiritual ones. They know how to be love and gentle to oneself.
Great for these types of students
The type of students i had seen here are the most talented people ever. It is full of academic and athletic support. We run school work and at the same time we do for games too.
Clubs and Activities
I was gonna say this school out of the whole World has a lot of clubs and are the most interesting ones. It instill clubs such as christian, dance related, and science, math, every single subject they considered club.
Greek Life
I am quiet but is cool when alone with a friend. I don't really like talking offensive language but would like to get to know people friendly.
Campus Safety
I have no doubt to this school since it already had tons of security guards surrounding the campus. This i said nothing bad will happen because its over protected.
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