Andrew College
Cuthbert, GA, USA


Andrew College
3.62 Average Rating

Fernanda from Buford, GA

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Will learn a lot
It is a 12:1 student teacher ratio! love it !
Will enjoy being here
I know some students there and the ones I met the day I went to their campus they were so sweet and nice!! and its small so everyone knows each other !
Bang for the buck
It is a private school, I need all of the money I can get!
But, Andrew gives great scholarships out to athletes and the academics.
Tips for prospective students
If you don't like big schools or want to start out small Andrew is great. The people are great there, Go to the campus first! And talk to the counselors and/or coaches and students there!
Great for these types of students
Mellow, non-partying type. It is an itty bitty school. Wanting to have better grades better GPA. 2 year school, time to transfer to a great school! Friendly, outgoing.
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