Aquinas College (TN)
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Aquinas College (TN)
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Michelle from Lavergne, TN

a current student here
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In three sentences
Attending Aquinas College has just been a blessing in my life. Learning is such a fulfilling experience but the best part is having a personal relationship with God and knowing that the staff and students care about the same values as I do. The values of integrity, truth and faith.
Tips for prospective students
One tip is to have a self known idea of who you want to be and then become it with the ones that are surrounding you in your life. Aquinas College is a school that nurtures ones ideas and enjoys their students as people rather than a student.
Academic Rigor
The academics are very difficult at times but the extra help provided through services at school allows one to overcome those challenges.
Dorm Life
The student dorms are starting this next school year FA 2012 and hoping that will encourage many to attend a faith based college and apply those values in everyday life while learning.
Food and Dining
The food available is very healthy and the surrounding areas have many choices as well.
What to do for fun
There are intramural sports, clubs, and social activities to keep what spare time you have entertained.
Bang for the buck
The value is with the professors and the resources available to each student.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The student affairs is always having a celebration for regular holidays and celebrating many unique accomplishments in the surrounding community.
Great for these types of students
Faith based such as christians, catholics and followers of God.
Clubs and Activities
Business club is a strong very active group. The activites provided by student affairs is fun and interesting.
Greek Life
Aquinas is starting that this year FA 2012
Campus Safety
We have 24 hour campus security that really is great especially when you need somebody to help with car problems or directions. It is like having an uncle on campus.
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