Art Academy of Cincinnati
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Art Academy of Cincinnati
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Douglas from Milford, OH

a current student here
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In three sentences
The AAC is by far one of the most artistic places I have ever seen. They want you to grow in your own vision, not a cloan trained classicly. Freedom, expression, and originality are the best three words to describe the AAC.
Tips for prospective students
The entry portfolio award worth up to $17,000 is your best chance to avoid debt. Make your portfolio the best you can.
Academic Rigor
Freshman and Senior years are the hardest but worth every moment.
Dorm Life
Exciting and relaxed RA's.
Food and Dining
Personal Restaurant inside the Academy that offers vegan, vegetarian, and normal diet options. Prices are fair. Only issue is who might be cooking that day.
What to do for fun
We are located in the middle of Cincinnati, what can't you do for fun!
Bang for the buck
The instruction is amazing and from real life artist who are still showing work selling. You get first hand learning experiences to become a creative and unique professional.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The AAC Soccer team named the Stinks holds an annual Drag game. Men dress as women and women dress as men, it is quite amusing.
Great for these types of students
Looking for a place to expand your talents and own voice. Creative and outgoing person who wants to explore multiple art fields.
Clubs and Activities
AAC Stinks, Ambassadors', Student Union, and tons of parties.
Campus Safety
24/7 security will take you anywhere if you are ever worried.
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