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Average ACT Composite: 21
Average SAT Composite: 1104
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 412-289-5052
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.97 Average Rating
Do not fail Accent on Success. It is embarrassing to re-take it as an upperclassman.
Get involved with Greek Life. Trust me, it is safe.
Lauren from Maple Heights, OH
Get involved. Not only is it a resume builder, but it will keep you active and get you more friends than you would have if you would have just sat in your dorm room and waited for friends to appear. Also, everyone that will tell you that you will meet people that you will have life long connections with are totally right. You'll meet people that you would have though you've known since you were born. That's how well you'll connect with some of the people you meet! But you can't connect with people if you don't take advantage of the ways to make new friends!
Elizabeth from Bridgeville, PA
Don't be afraid of the price! Visit the campus it's beautiful! If you have any questions don't be afraid to contact someone they will be more thn willing to help you. Ashland has been awesome with keeping us updated on what we need for the future!
Megan from Commercial Point, OH
I almost didn't go to Ashland because of the price, but I did receive a scholarship. My GPA is fairly high, but my ACT score is a little bit lower. It all evens out, and if you work hard in school, you will probably receive a scholarship! If you aren't sure whether or not you would really like it here, please visit the campus, and take a tour. It would also be a good idea to meet with professors/advisors within the major(s) you are thinking about.
Adena from Lexington, OH
First of all, you really should come and visit. We have a beautiful campus, and it's the best way to see if it's a good fit. You get to hear a lot of information first hand, from a student who knows what they're talking about! I suggest a group visit, at least for the first time. It was durign my group visit that I felt I got the best information, and that was when I felt fell in love with this school.

Once you're here, get involved! If a club or group sounds interesting, go for it. That is where you'll meet your friends and have a lot of fun. Work hard in classes, and speak up in class - make an effort to get to know your professors, and have them know you! Professors can give you a lot of opportunities when you get to know them.
Amber from Carey, OH
The two big tips for students at any college is to just give yourself a week or two to settle in and do not go home on the weekends a lot. By going home, you will miss out on what happens on campus, and you wont have as many friends on campus.
Mariah from Wauseon, OH
Negotiate your financial aid package. If you are thinking of not going here because it's too expensive, tell your financial aid advisers and they might give you more money. Also, choose your school by the academic program, not by money, not by sports.
Christina from Cleveland, OH
Definitely visit the campus, you'll feel the welcoming and supportive environment immediately upon arrival and you'll love the school spirit that can be found anywhere you turn!
Go Ashland!
Visit campus! Visiting AU is a great way to get a feel for the campus. My advice would be to go during the week because you receive a personal visit. It is just you and your family and you visit with an admissions counselor in their office and that is when you can ask any question you want about anything. Then, you get a personal tour of campus and you get to see any part of campus you wish! It's really the best way to visit. Plus, if you visit on a weekend, you don't get to experience campus in motion. Most likely during a weekday visit, you will see people walking to and from class. You're not part of a big group and you get to experience Ashland on a more personal level.
Shelby from Lima, OH
Visit the campus, meet with a few advisers or professors and I guarantee that just about everyone would find it a perfectly suitable place to live and learn. With a small campus, the classes are definitely much smaller, allowing for more one-on-one learning.
Anna from Seville, OH

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