Baker College of Owosso
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Baker College of Owosso
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Kellie from Owosso, MI

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In three sentences
Baker College of Owosso is a great home town college that allows local students to get the same great education as students attending a large University. I enjoy meeting the instructors and becoming familiar with other students in my program. I wouldn't chose any other College to attend and this spring I will become a Baker College Graduate!
Tips for prospective students
Make sure your dedicated to College, Baker College's classes run on a 10 weeks schedule so there is a lot of information in a short span of time.
Academic Rigor
I feel that the most challenging thing about Baker College is the short semesters compared to a large university. Baker runs on 10 week courses during Fall, Winter and Spring and 9 weeks in the summer.
Dorm Life
I have never lived in the dorms but I have many classmates whom have. Many say that they love the new dorms at the Woodard Station which they just built in 2010.
Food and Dining
Baker has a large selection in the cafeteria (Food for thought) I love that they have a great selection of healthy foods. (Cups of fruit, vegetables, Cheese and Crackers) along with a small store and great hot food that can be ordered! Try the Breakfast Sandwiches!
What to do for fun
For fun I hang out with my family, I am married and have 3 children. We spend time around our home gardening and swimming in our pool.
Bang for the buck
When looking at Baker College of Owosso for college you may think this is expensive but if you look at all the other Colleges and University's it is very comparable. Credit hours are around the same price but may vary depending on Government decisions.
Great for these types of students
I think Baker is great for all ages! That's one reason why I like Baker I am a 31year old student and I attend class with students that just graduated High School and other that are many years older than me who are just coming back to school. We have a diverse ethnicity throughout the College also.
Clubs and Activities
I don't attend any groups or activities within the school because I am so busy with my family but I do see information posted all around the school about these groups.
Campus Safety
Campus Safety is great I am in the Education field so many of my instructors teach at the local schools and other university's so they teach night classes. When leaving classes at night I see Campus Safety in the parking lot driving around and standing on corners watching students. During the winter months I turn my car starter on which it makes my flashers blink but Campus Safety drove up to my car thinking I needed assistants. They are very helpful to their students.
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