Bay de Noc Community College
Escanaba, MI, USA


Bay de Noc Community College
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Jessica from Cornell, MI

researching this school
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Will learn a lot
I hear a lot of great news about Bay de Noc Community College and I am hoping to attend soon. My friends and other acquaintances tell me of how much success they are retrieving from their classes and can not wait to pursue more of an education there.
Will enjoy being here
Bay College is close to home and I will still get to see my friends and family and still be able to receive the college experience. The classes seem just right in size so I know I will be able to interact one on one with my professors.
Bang for the buck
Bay is not expensive and is a very good economical choice. They have many services in helping pay for your education.
Tips for prospective students
Research excessively all the schools you are thinking about attending. Take tours, talk with current students, and interact with the school staff.
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Michael from Rock, MI

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
i am really excited to attend here in the fall! i have been on to campus a few times and it's great! the staff are very nice and helpful when it comes to questions.
Academic Rigor
i have to say that the standards set for the students are really good. i am currently dual enrolled and the teacher's expectations are very good!
What to do for fun
for fun you can go to the ymca and do many different kinds of things! also it is not very far away from the main part of escanaba where there are stores and other fun things to do.
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