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McKenna from Round Rock, TX

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
The community among the students is very strong and welcoming. The professors are very invested into the lives of the students on campus, and share both their personal stories and knowledge of what God has taught them over the years to their class. The lives of those on campus are intertwined with a united purpose, to know God more and make Him known to unreached people groups across the nations.
Tips for prospective students
Have references in mind when applying and personally send each of them a message asking if they would be willing to complete the forum for you.

Contact BGU if you have any questions. Their staff is very friendly and very helpful.

The application process is made simpler than most schools, thanks to BGU for wanting to make it less of a hassle and stress to future applicants.

Academic Rigor
Everyone that comes to BGU wants to be there. They come not only because it's a great school, but because God has laid this opportunity in front of them to grow in a community of like minded people who are all running towards the same goal. Students study together out on the lawn, or go to the coffee shop run by BGU down the road.
Dorm Life
Dorm life is on campus only. There are two girl dorms and two guy dorms, with one floor for married couples. Students interact with almost everyone on their floor daily, and welcome each other into their rooms to talk or have some coffee/tea. It's very cozy and has a very tight knit community feel to it.
Food and Dining
The food is pretty good. What is great about dinning together in one room is the amazing conversations you will get to have during any meal. The dinning hall will be filled with laughter from every corner, or serious deep conversations with heads bowed praying over one another. This is where some of the greatest community forms and students and staff and professors get to know each other.
What to do for fun
MugShots is a coffee shop just down the road, run by current BGU students. A very friendly and welcoming atmosphere to go spend time with friends or study for papers next week.

There is also a river five minutes from campus, along with some biking trails and paths to walk along.

The Twin cities are only about forty minutes from campus, and students go there often for outreach during the week. Lots of activities rang from restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, malls, etc.
Bang for the buck
Tuition is paid for by different grants and waivers by the University. If you attend a preview weekend, you will receive a scholarship that goes towards your funds. The only things you have to pay for are room and board, food, and book fees, plus the activities throughout the year. But this is a wonderful opportunity to not go in a ton of debt once you're out of college. Bethany Global University makes the application process easy and is very helpful.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Every spring and fall Bethany Global University has a campus preview event where prospective and/or accepted students come for the weekend and check out the campus while meeting current students. There is an international dinner where everyone dresses up in costume from other countries and goes through different cultural traditions and foods while learning about that country.

Another tradition is during orientation week, the staff take all the students camping for a couple days. It is one of the main highlights of the year.

Great for these types of students
Bethany Global University is a wonderful place for people who are looking to grow in their love and knowledge of God, who want to live in tight knit community, and who are passionate about people and sharing Jesus with the unreached. If you want to get outside of your comfort zone, and step out on a faith journey, Bethany is the place to come. Want to spend your life doing more? Making a difference? Want to study the Bible daily and invest in the lives of others? While traveling the world and studying abroad? Have your tuition paid for?
Come to Bethany Global University.
Clubs and Activities
Activities range from life groups, to outreach, campus chapel, and px.

Life group is where you meet up with about seven people from your dorm floor and spend an evening doing something fun together.

Outreach is where you go to either of the Twin Cities and serve and talk to people about Jesus.

Campus Chapel is a time to just spend as a whole, worshiping God and coming together to be in His Presence.

PX is a series of activities that go throughout the week as part of your schooling. Examples are: Basketball, Swing Dancing, Volleyball, Running, Weights, and Working out.
Campus Safety
Each of the dorms are protect by badges, and no one can get in without their badge. There is a courtyard in the middle surrounded by all the dorms and classrooms, so it feels very protected and safe.
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